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Synonyms for solidify

Synonyms for solidify

to make or become physically hard

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To ensure that the casting solidifies before the riser, the ratio of the volume to the surface area of the riser should be greater than that of the casting.
Sometimes the scalding lava cracks as it solidifies. Cold, heavy seawater seeps into the cracks.
According to Jules Nissim of Cushman & Wakefield of New Jersey, Inc., exclusive leasing agent, the commencement of development at Central Crossings solidifies Exit 7 as an active extension of the thriving south-central NJ distribution hub.
The heart of the thermal engine is a tube filled with a wax that solidifies at about 10[degrees]C.
M--H Education president Robert Evanson said the deal "further solidifies our position as the leading children's educational publisher and strengthens our capabilities and offerings." The acquired company will fit "especially well with our children's publishing division," Evanson said.
During injection, the melt flows first along the ribs and then spreads sideways from the ribs into the side wall, where it instantly cools and solidifies. The melt in the base wall and the lower side wall solidifies long before the mold cavity is fully filled and full injection pressure in the cavity is reached.
The silicon phase in aluminum-silicon alloys solidifies in the form of large platelets, called acicular silicon.
This move solidifies Metro Commercial's brand of property marketing, property management, and construction services.
By using an outer polymer that solidifies under ultraviolet radiation, they also fabricated hard-coated balls containing liquid ethylene glycol.
Randall vice president Jeff Mason said the merger of the two sites "(solidifies) our place as the leader in trucking information services." Randall Trucking Media Group, which operates three print publications (Trucking Co., Overdrive and Truckers News), eight Web sites and a trade show, will consolidate all of its trucking Web sites in the new site.
The material then quickly solidifies as it is directed into place with an x-y controlled extruding nozzle that creates a precisely dimensioned laminate.
The new study solidifies the earlier reports suggesting that the Lyme disease vaccine sometimes fails because the array of proteins on the bacterium's surface changes, says Leonard H.