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characteristic of or relating to the physical properties of solid materials especially electromagnetic or thermodynamic or structural properties of crystalline solids

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consisting of semiconductor materials and components and related devices

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A solid-state disk is so fast that the I/O requests are handled before a long disk queue can build, thus keeping the service times tremendously small.
The three case histories here, two from commercial operations and one from tests in Berstorff's labs, demonstrate just how the corotating, intermeshing twin-screw machine can be modified successfully for solid-state extrusion and then applied to some unconventional tasks.
Insights gleaned from solid-state physics also suggest the possibility of a new type of imaging that researchers could use to investigate what is happening inside murky liquids and to determine the strength of metal samples crisscrossed with microscopic cracks.
Traditionally, solid-state disks would be SCSI-attached to a single host, which made things very expensive.
Solid-state disks have been around a long time and have appeared in many different forms under many different names.
When an intelligent solid-state disk subsystem is added to a SAN, it becomes a shared file caching facility for the application servers attached to the storage network.
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