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characteristic of or relating to the physical properties of solid materials especially electromagnetic or thermodynamic or structural properties of crystalline solids

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consisting of semiconductor materials and components and related devices

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Global Solid-State Cooling Market is Estimated to be Valued at USD 395 Million in 2019 and is Projected to Reach USD 641 Million by 2024, at a CAGR of 10.2%
At IBC 2019, Rohde & Schwarz (booth 7.B21) will extend its range of solid-state satellite uplink amplifiers with the launch of a new high-power model.
Where you lose out with the solid-state drive is usually in capacity.
The R&S PKU100 uses solid-state output stages throughout and offers a genuine alternative to conventional tube technology.
The switch to solid-state buttons will reportedly make the new Apple Watch device more water resistant.
Without a liquid electrolyte, solid-state batteries are also likely to carry a much higher energy density than present lithium-ion cells, therefore, the range can possibly be extended well beyond lithium-ion modules of the same weight.
A solid-state breaker is a breaking device in which a zener diode, silicon controlled rectifier, or solid-state device is connected to sense the fault when load terminal voltage exceeds a safe value.
The assumption by some authors that SSL is "digital" may be related to the fact that SSL devices are solid-state semiconductors, and almost all digital computers are based on solid-state semiconductor switches.
Provider of advanced communication solutions Comtech Telecommunications Corp (Nasdaq:CMTL) announced on Thursday that its subsidiary Comtech Xicom Technology Inc has received an order of USD3.4m for Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs).
Two new PXI high-power solid-state switch modules in the vendor's range of PXI switching solutions include the Model 40-184 PXI 25-A solid-state SPST switch, which offers 3- or 6-off SPST solid-state switches capable of handling 25-A signals at up to 100 V; and the Model 40-185 PXI 1,5-A solid-state SPST switch, which provides 3- or 6-off SPST solidstate switches capable of handling 1,5-A signals at up to 400 V.
GatesAir has delivered the world's highest-power digital TV solid-state transmitter to a major market TV station in the U.S., replacing an older, less-efficient tube transmitter with escalating costs.
They cover the history and development of solid-state fermentation, bioreactors, process engineering, the history of solid-state fermented foods and beverages, food of animal origin, soybeans, vegetables, alcoholic beverages, and sustainable development.
Network specialist Brocade today announced the launch of a collaborative programme with solid-state storage vendors that have adopted the fibre channel protocol.
The production of phytase from fungi has been achieved using three different cultivation methods, namely, solid-state [6], semisolid [7], and submerged fermentation [8, 9].
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