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Synonyms for organ

Synonyms for organ

a component of government that performs a given function

that by which something is accomplished or some end achieved

Synonyms for organ

a government agency or instrument devoted to the performance of some specific function

(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

a periodical that is published by a special interest group

wind instrument whose sound is produced by means of pipes arranged in sets supplied with air from a bellows and controlled from a large complex musical keyboard

a free-reed instrument in which air is forced through the reeds by bellows

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The procedures have also cemented Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi's status as the first multi-organ transplant facility in the country, with the hospital now having performed deceased donor transplants for four major solid organs - the kidneys, heart, liver and lungs.
In the past 10 years, rabies transmission by solid organ transplantation has been described occasionally worldwide (2-4).
Outbreaks of health care-associated mucormycosis have been identified, most commonly in persons with marked immunosuppression, such as bone marrow and solid organ transplant recipients (1,2).
The aim of this study is to investigate the actuality of our nonoperative treatment applications and approaches, which lead to increasing successful results in recent years, and to reveal effective factors in morbidity in solid organ injuries after abdominal trauma.
McDevitt, "Etiology and impact of cytomegalovirus disease on solid organ transplant recipients," American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, vol.
BiologicTx is a national specialty pharmacy that joins the administration of therapeutics, research, and digital health to advance the practice of solid organ transplant and chronic specialties.
2] Many a time minor injury can be serious solid organ damage from intra abdominally, such cases should be thoroughly evaluated and managed accordingly.
According to Roche, professionals use CMV DNA viral load information from the test to help manage patients who have been diagnosed with CMV disease, specifically patients whose immune system has been suppressed for solid organ transplantation.
Features and applications include: for use as an aid in diagnosis of active CMV infection; CMV antigen detection at the cellular level; two-hour turnaround time with the Turbo kit; useful in the following patient populations--bone marrow transplants; solid organ transplants; HIV-infected patients; and AIDS patients.
WAILEA, HAWAII -- Oral capecitabine shows considerable early promise for the secondary prevention of non-melanoma skin cancers in solid organ transplant recipients and other immunosuppressed individuals, according to Dr.
The book begins with a two-chapter discussion of infection risks and epidemiology in hematopoietic stem cell and solid organ transplant.
The occurrence of an immunologically mediated and injurious set of reactions by cells genetically disparate to their host, otherwise known as graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), is a phenomenon that has been described as the age of bone marrow and solid organ transplantation has emerged.
Additionally, for consideration of the secondary outcomes, five trials that reported data on common types of solid organ cancers (68,402 patients) and eight trials that reported data on cancer deaths (93,515) were evaluated, the authors wrote, noting that nine trials were included overall (Lancet Oncol.