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At another signal from Van Horn the rowers backed water and forced the boat, stern in, up to the solid ground of the runway.
She felt as if she had solid ground under her feet again, and when Mr.
This was repeated three times, causing the solid ground to shake and tremble.
To help the delusion, the solid ground itself seemed gone, and the mountain, a shining waste of immense white heaps and masses, to be a region of cloud floating between the blue sky above and the earth far below.
In the surrounding plain, which more resembled a dusty lake than solid ground, were scattered a few miserable stalks of wheat, the effect, no doubt, of a curious desire on the part of the agriculturists of the country to see whether such a thing as the raising of grain in those parched regions was practicable.
For instead of attempting to seize more solid ground, this mad regiment, having put the river in its rear by one wild charge, did nothing more, but stuck there in the mire like flies in treacle.
I had had so many reasons to believe in my friend's subtle powers of reasoning and extraordinary energy in action that I felt that he must have some solid grounds for the assured and easy demeanour with which he treated the singular mystery which he had been called upon to fathom.
Alvarez said he told the committee leadership to proceed with the hearings so when it finishes its report and starts crafting the articles of impeachment, it would stand on solid ground.
To combat this growing trend, Habitat for Humanity International is launching Solid Ground, a three-year global advocacy campaign focused on promoting policies and systems to advance access to land for shelter.
A person must leap from one to the next to reach solid ground and safety.
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667 million ft 3 a day so that oil recovery finds it solid ground in Libya.
We see that a strong and a solid ground has emerged for an accord between religious institutions in Sanjak to overcome their divisions which causes social tensions.
On the run Page 5 Shelley GYM members rowed the English Channel to boost two charities, but they stayed on solid ground to row from Dover to Calais.
will spend their day on the Green Dragon Rollercoaster contacting friends, family and colleagues for pledge to raise their exit money of pounds 500 to get back to solid ground.