solid geometry

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the geometry of 3-dimensional space

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Modern pure solid geometry. The Macmillan company, 1935.
The program applies history-free surface-modeling intelligence to core and cavity generation, while the remainder of the mold design is completed in 3D solid geometry. All parametrically designed components and related dimensions and tolerances can be modified using a single "global" edit for multiple groups of components, or they can be modified individually.
The lack of solid geometry meant that it was not possible to verify the program three dimensionally or to provide machine operators with realistic documentation.
3], the eye, the fall of light on a face and on water, shadows from multiple light sources), the brain, human proportion, statics, solid geometry and a perpetual motion machine, which Leonardo dismissed as an impossibility.
Cost competition continues to be a driving force for owner Gene Haas, who exhorts his design engineers to use tools like finite-element analysis and solid geometry to design cost out and come up with machines that have "half the parts."
Ruth, 30, whose career includes being one of the sassy lasses from the Fiat Punto ads, Glasgow Kiss, North Square and an early series of Footballers' Wives, insists she will get her kit off when the script requires, as it did for the 2002 film, Solid Geometry.
The teachers (left to right) with their nicknames and subjects, are: J "Jack" Whitwham (maths, English and French), J H "Peter" Housby (English), F "Pegleg" Moore (handicrafts, woodwork and metalwork), F "Buzzer" Boothroyd (science), A J "Mousy" Haynes (history and the school's pianist), F "Pussy" Clarkson (French), Harry Armitage (headmaster), J A "Josh" Whitwam (handicrafts) and Jack's father, A "Jumbo" Fowler (geography), F "Piggy" Moore (science), R R "Scrooge" Scruton (English, French and sportsmaster), F "Scnozzle" Lee (art, solid geometry and machine drawing) and J "Johnny" Kilburn (maths).
Mathematicians of the time also built expensive three-dimensional geometric models to try to bolster their insight about solid geometry.
Mr Stephen Gilbert, the producer working on Solid Geometry, has been told not to report for work 'until further notice'.
The geometry of the Continuum is modeled by the well known Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) [20] or Boundary Representation (Brep) [20].
CADCAM-E engineers used this model to reconstruct the original feature-based solid geometry in the CATIA format that Brembo engineers use.
For another example, a poem called "Lodestar" begins as follows: "A hide-and-seek hyperbola / metamorphoses into a parabola," and this parabola is then asked to "usher us out of history / not of our making." The two terms, of course, are from solid geometry, but neither geometers nor readers driven in frustration to dictionary definitions of the terms will be able to discover just what happens when a hyperbola metamorphoses into a parabola--if that is possible--nor just what a hyperbola has to do with history in the first place.
The book explores a wide variety of mathematical topics, including probability, patterns, symmetry, codes, proportion, solid geometry, and measurement.
NEVER managed to make my sums add up during maths at school so the sound of Solid Geometry brought back a lot of deep-rooted classroom fears.