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a three-dimensional shape

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Uncertainty u[V.sub.d] is calculated until [H.sub.d] filling level when fuel tanks section plane forms solid figure. It is accepted that uncertainty of bottom level is equal to [+ or -]0.25% [V.sub.H]
Zeineh's brooches have been popular among women shopping not just to wind their partners up, but also for themselves, reflecting one of the collection's undeniably ambitious aims -- to take a punch at the formidable, solid figure of contemporary manliness.
The film had grossed about $125,000 during its five-week theatrical run, a solid figure for a local pic.
As he focused on the face of the moon he saw a distinctive black solid figure that sent him running downstairs for his family: the silhouette of what looked like a witch on a broomstick.
The 22-year-old was expected to drop to the bench with James Collins back from suspension, but Speed kept faith with the youngster, who proved a solid figure and made one brilliant challenge to deny Wayne Rooney.
Marek Hatlapatka, an analyst at Cyrrus, said the bank may achieve an annual profit of some CZK 11 billion after making CZK 2.78 billion in the third quarter, which is a solid figure given the economic downturn.
Mark Radcliffe has been a solid figure on the airwaves for decades, and these memoirs describe momentous days that shaped his career.
In the area of the swages, the system is supported by a solid figure representing the forging piece, which gives the model its required eccentricity.
NZNO chief executive Geoff Annals said this total was arrived at after cutting non-financial members, so was a solid figure. "What is more, current work plans give us every reason to expect we will continue to grow strongly beyond the 40,000 figure in coming months," he said.
"Hicky's a big, solid figure and I learn a lot from him.
Various 2D/3D objects existing in the living space will become the entrance toward the abundant services on the Net, e.g., a contents offering service that gives an additional value to a solid figure as explained in this experiment, a sales promotion service where a premium can be gotten when a picture of the commodity package is taken and applied for, an information offering service where you can obtain the information on a company when you take a picture of its brand mark on the street, etc.
However, the Villa boss also praised his showings in the recent clashes with Sunderland and Charlton, and on Saturday Mellberg was again a solid figure in the single-goal success over the Addicks.
He was a strong, solid figure in our industry for many, many years.
My personal description of that solid figure that exists in space somewhere is that song That's the best I can do."
Reports of capital outlays over the past six months lost five points, falling to fifty-nine percent of all firms--a solid figure but not spectacular.