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an angle formed by three or more planes intersecting at a common point (the vertex)

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The BUG rating system was proposed due to its ability to evaluate luminaire distributions in the context of the impact of light emitted in the various solid angles of the LCS as they apply to light trespass, skyglow, and glare, and was intended to replace the IES vertical cutoff classification system (for example, full cutoff, noncutoff).
The preliminary BUG rating system proposed by the committee included four of the LCS solid angles that contribute to sky-glow: Front Very High (FVH) which captures light emitted in front of the luminaire between 80[degrees] and 90[degrees] above nadir, Back Very High (BVH) which captures light emitted behind the luminaire between 80[degrees] and 90[degrees], Uplight Low (UL) which captures light emitted across all horizontal angles between 90[degrees] and 100[degrees] above nadir, and Uplight High (UH) which captures the light emitted from 100[degrees] above nadir to zenith.
Per TM-15-07, "[LCS] does not provide quantitative lumen limits within each solid angle.
The book starts by articulating the bold proposal that picturing is a matter of sameness of subtended solid angles and proceeds to modify that proposal as necessary to deal with the full range of pictorial subject matters and styles by appealing to the conceptual resources of perceptual experience.
Hopkins claims that we do by proposing that outline shapes and subtended solid angles are nonconceptual contents of experience (contents posited as presenting properties that a perceiver cannot identify by means of concepts or any related--for example, geometric--capacities but that are part of her experience nonetheless).