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an angle formed by three or more planes intersecting at a common point (the vertex)

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Hence, the ratio of the survey spectroscopic area divided by the solid angle of the sphere is as follows:
Per TM-15-07, "[LCS] does not provide quantitative lumen limits within each solid angle.
The solid angle of the entire celestial hemisphere, which can be considered as the entire sky, equals 2[pi].
Second, our method of calculating the solid angle for radiation emitted at a point within the chamber is only approximate.
However, what is required is the solid angle which is measured by the area of the survey projected in the plan described by the right ascension in degrees and 180/[pi] * sin(declination).
The geometry was chosen to make the solid angle subtended by the detectors insensitive to first order in the source position.
Full-length solid angle brass edges protect the frame from splintering and provide a true leveling surface.
The switch to Tim Vaughan is a solid angle with Chapel Flowers in the 1824 Handicap Chase at Fakenham (4.
The detector's solid angle of acceptance is truly 2 X 2[pi] above a threshold of 40 keV.
The brilliance of a laser is a measure of the output power per unit area and solid angle, defining how much light from a mini laser bar can be efficiently injected into a glass fiber.
Such a configuration of magnetic fields allows us to extract the decay electrons inside a well-defined solid angle with high accuracy.
This combination of a smaller spot and larger solid angle of collection significantly enhances the scattering signal from pattern defects, as well as the signal from contaminants and other defect types.
I actually think his 62-day break is a solid angle into the race - it shows his connections have been thinking about hitting the right target.
In order to collect those protons which take off in a direction away from the MCP, a fourth deflecting grid set at 22 kV to 26 kV is inserted between the decay volume and the electron detector to bring about a 4[pi] collection solid angle for protons.
We have designed an experiment to maximize the solid angle for detection of all decay products (apart from the antineutrino) and to reduce the probability of correlated background events.