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an angle formed by three or more planes intersecting at a common point (the vertex)

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At each point on the screen, a specific optical function enables the incoming light to be spread over the required solid angle at a given wavelength.
The amount will be proportional to the solid angle of the proton as seen by the muon, which is [pi][r.
NASDAQ: ADSK) has acquired 3D animation software provider Solid Angle, for an undisclosed amount, the company said.
These antennas provide AR better than 3dB throughout the 4[pi] steradian solid angle of the whole sphere except at and around the nulls (AR [less than or equal to] 3dB over solid angle of 0.
Per TM-15-07, "[LCS] does not provide quantitative lumen limits within each solid angle.
10 Kempton Some punters will have a downer on David Simcock's six-year-old after he put in a tame display in claiming company at Wolverhampton (1m1f) two days ago, but I wouldn't be in a rush to write him off tonight, as there is a solid angle in with him.
2]/atom, the values are taken from [6]; co is the fluorescent yield, values taken from [7]; [sigma](E) is the ionisation cross-section at the proton energy E; N is the number of protons; 8 and d[omega] are the efficiency and solid angle of the detector; u is the linear coefficient of attenuation, the values are taken from [7-9]; [alpha] and P are the generalised angles between the normal to the target and the direction of movement of the proton and the x-ray photon, respectively (Fig.
If this is true the number of photons observed originating at a particular point will depend on the ratio of the solid angle subtended by the window of the detector at the top of the chamber from that point within the cylinder to 4[pi].
In addition, visual angle is extended to visual solid angle in the four dimensional Euclidean space [R.
Experienced resemblance in outline shape is the experience of sameness of the solid angle subtended by the contours on the pictorial surface and the solid angle subtended by the actual depicted objects.
A panel of specialists put model HP-35 through its paces with a practical engineering problem: collection solid angle from a point source.
The larger the effective area of the antenna elements, the smaller the solid angle of space to which the array can be phased without grating lobes (assuming the elements are placed so that the effective area of each is approximately the physical area allotted).
Lumen is a unit of luminous flux equal to the flux emitted through a unit solid angle (one steradian) from a uniform point source of one candle.
If it is assumed that an antenna observes only terrain material within its pattern solid angle [[Omega].
The volume of each bucket is equal to the volume of the slice for the whole sphere contained between the lower and upper radius boundaries of the bucket multiplied by the ratio of the spectroscopic area of the survey divided by the solid angle of the sphere.