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an angle formed by three or more planes intersecting at a common point (the vertex)

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Gouda et al., "A numerical approach to calculate the full-energy peak efficiency of HPGe well-type detectors using the effective solid angle ratio," Journal of Instrumentation, vol.
At each point on the screen, a specific optical function enables the incoming light to be spread over the required solid angle at a given wavelength.
A correction was made for the particles' solid angle of detection.
The key factor for the source mechanisms inversion is the solid angle or in other words the focal sphere coverage.
The amount will be proportional to the solid angle of the proton as seen by the muon, which is [pi][r.sup.2.sub.P] =2[pi][R.sup.2] = 5.7 x [10.sup.-6], where [r.sub.P] is the proton radius and R is the muon-proton distance.
Solid Angle makes Arnold, a global illumination renderer used by more than 500 studios and thousands of independent artists.
The only difference between the formulation (2.12) and (2.13) on the smooth surface and the formulation (2.16) and (2.17) on the piecewise-smooth surface is in the presence of an additional term with the solid angle in equation (2.16) for the boundary potential.
These antennas provide AR better than 3dB throughout the 4[pi] steradian solid angle of the whole sphere except at and around the nulls (AR [less than or equal to] 3dB over solid angle of 0.04n steradian).
The extent of the centrally preserved visual field was obtained by computing the area surrounded by isopter polygons on scanned images of the perimeter charts and by calculating the solid angle subtended.
Omega is the conventional symbol to represent a solid angle; maximizing this is the most important measure of an optimized X-ray detection system.
1) solid angle standard method--polygons (multiangular prisms) or angle gauges used for comparing the accuracy of the object under measurement;
Per TM-15-07, "[LCS] does not provide quantitative lumen limits within each solid angle." It does, however, establish the framework in which those types of quantitative limits can be determined.
A custom silicone drift detector (SDD) has been created with a larger solid angle for use in nanotechnology characterization.
Best trade (back to lay) Ilie Nastase 7.10 Kempton Some punters will have a downer on David Simcock's six-year-old after he put in a tame display in claiming company at Wolverhampton (1m1f) two days ago, but I wouldn't be in a rush to write him off tonight, as there is a solid angle in with him.
where S(E) is the braking capacity of the target material, measured in [10.sup.-15] eV x [cm.sup.2]/atom, the values are taken from [6]; co is the fluorescent yield, values taken from [7]; [sigma](E) is the ionisation cross-section at the proton energy E; N is the number of protons; 8 and d[omega] are the efficiency and solid angle of the detector; u is the linear coefficient of attenuation, the values are taken from [7-9]; [alpha] and P are the generalised angles between the normal to the target and the direction of movement of the proton and the x-ray photon, respectively (Fig.