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a feeling of excessive concern


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In the Other, the self recognizes itself as if for the first time and, at one and the same time, recognizes that, even though across transitory objects, the self has always known the Other who gives with a solicitousness that is "without reason, without limit, without return, without self-conscious after-thought.
The Haryana Government's solicitousness for industries' concerns has also provoked unions to enlarge company disputes into industry-wide movements.
Matthews) for his solicitousness towards Fiona and her Family.
That we are one (the first tenet of the Perennial Philosophy) is taken to mean that others deserve solicitousness, indeed that to be violent with others is to be violent with ourselves.
Rather he concludes by describing the emperor's solicitousness for the spread of the faith and the well-being of Christians both on and beyond the frontiers of the empire.
For years now, he and his mother had existed in a state of uneasy truce, each pursuing a separate life, coming together at meals and passing the time of day, but little else, unless either happened to be out of sorts when they would fuss over each other with habitual clucking solicitousness.
God gives me clear and obvious signs to communicate His will to me," "When making a choice or tough decision, God gives me clear answers and direction"), Divine Solicitousness ("Nothing is too small, like finding my lost keys, to pray to God about," "If you have deep faith and pure motives God will grant even your smallest requests"), Special Destiny ("God has a very specific plan for my life that I must search for and find," "God has a destiny for me to find and fulfill"), and Denial of Randomness ("Every event around us is a sign of God's larger plans and purposes," "God controls every event around us, down to the smallest details").
767, 767 (2008) (concluding that the "Court's lack of solicitousness to congressional factfinding is indefensible on both constitutional and prudential grounds").
Lifting it this summer as a one-time benefit or stimulus is practically a caricature of the contemptuous solicitousness with which Washington treats ordinary Americans, the equivalent of kissing the booboo of drivers who have seen gas prices nearly double over the past three years.
Hama extends God's solicitousness to other issues, such as visiting a mourner, which is associated with God blessing Isaac after Abraham's death (see Gen.
In addition to her almost maternal solicitousness in the second scene (3.
The 15 parents with 9 transitions were AchEiRIcAlLy, COuraGeOusNeSs, CoUrTlieSt, CoUrTlINeSs, DEpaRtMentAlLy, IsChIoCeLEs, PaRANuClEaRs, PlEoNosTeOSEs, PlEuROcentRAlLy, PoUrPArTiEs, PsYlLiAtEs, SaTuRAtIoNs, ScHolARliNeSs, SOLicItOusNeSs, and SpEaRhEaDs.
Storr's solicitousness toward Africa--for which he has assembled a gallery of expert witnesses and roped in others to abet the crudity of his bald politics--is of precisely the same order as Conrad's.
If this happened in 1822, while James was still on crutches, it is easy to imagine that the "queer" service that Ira rendered to him was little more than the usual solicitousness required of a steward aboard ship who had to cater to the needs of an injured passenger.
On the other hand, within the First Amendment you do indeed see a solicitousness for the effective exercise of these rights, such that laws cannot be made that unduly and unjustifiably burden its guarantees.