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a feeling of excessive concern


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62) Although these differential standards for outside auditors may be defended as generally consistent with a special solicitousness that the Supreme Court has exhibited for secondary actors in securities fraud cases, the rationale is also undermined by these same cases.
Naturally, well-tuned Austen readers scent, in cousin Edmund's solicitousness on Fanny's behalf, the potential for romance, but it will be a long time coming in Mansfield Park, for Austen stirs the pot with the arrival of Henry Crawford, who plays a game of "making Fanny love him," and his sister Mary, who becomes a romantic distraction for Edmund, in part through her new-found talent in, of all things, horseback riding
The excitement of the new was coupled with a certain solicitousness to protect this potential and the intermediaries who would enable its realisation.
If "Das Grab im Busento" is extremely solicitous of the powers of human memory, that solicitousness was something the poet very much intended.
Thus, though he couches his shuttering of the keyboard as solicitousness for her inner being, he is in truth anxious about unleashing what is raging inside of him.
It was in fact a love relationship, to a degree, but more importantly one based on the Queen's 'maternal solicitousness', a solicitousness which met Ralegh's needs.
The real secret of the God who is love" is God's being for the other, God's solicitousness in which God gives "without reason, without limit, without return, without self-conscious after-thought.
For those few with whom he had a close relationship, he showed kindness and solicitousness.
Christine Yano also insists this sense of solicitousness is crucial to understanding kawaii, explaining that it "suggests positioning within interpersonal relationships through the verb kawaigaru (to give loving care).
Jennings's from visitors and from unwelcome solicitousness by inserting herself as a substitute at the breakfast table and when receiving callers.
The Haryana Government's solicitousness for industries' concerns has also provoked unions to enlarge company disputes into industry-wide movements.
Matthews) for his solicitousness towards Fiona and her Family.
That we are one (the first tenet of the Perennial Philosophy) is taken to mean that others deserve solicitousness, indeed that to be violent with others is to be violent with ourselves.
Rather he concludes by describing the emperor's solicitousness for the spread of the faith and the well-being of Christians both on and beyond the frontiers of the empire.