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a law officer appointed to assist an attorney general

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1051, 1052 (1988) (describing the Solicitor General as "the Government's advocate in the Supreme Court, not the Supreme Court's representative in the Department of Justice")); SALOKAR, supra note 9, at 98 (quoting four former Solicitors General rejecting the "Tenth Justice" appellation).
While different Solicitors General have taken their own approaches to such meetings, they are commonly conducted by a Deputy Solicitor General with the Solicitor General's personal participation, if any, generally limited due to time and work pressures.
Justice Jackson was one of four Solicitors General who eventually sat on the Supreme Court bench.
Former solicitors general Charles Fried and Seth Waxman told The Wall Street Journal this sort of decision is highly unusual.
Former solicitors general Seth Waxman and Walter Dellinger III have walked into million dollar Supreme Court practices soon after leaving government service, and Theodore Olson, who left the position July 9, is following in their footsteps.
At the same time, solicitors general have a special obligation to the Supreme Court when they act in their gatekeeping role--screening cases in which the federal government is a party and recommending only "worthy" cases for review.
Not because Solicitors General are uniquely persuasive, or because they wear a funny costume.
But beyond this, Salokar writes, solicitors general can and do advocate the partisan goals of the executive branch.