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a law officer appointed to assist an attorney general

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At the same time, solicitors general have a special obligation to the Supreme Court when they act in their gatekeeping role--screening cases in which the federal government is a party and recommending only "worthy" cases for review.
Traditionally, and except in very unusual circumstances, Solicitors General have considered it extremely important to defend the constitutionality of Acts of Congress whenever they are seriously challenged--even in the weakest of cases.
There may even be those who think of the Solicitors General as a corps of immortals, for as Waxman discovered, "[s]ome 60 years ago, a letter found its way into the United States mail addressed simply `The Celestial General, Washington, D.
17) Solicitors general began appearing for Iowa (18) and Oregon (19) in the 1960s, while Colorado created its solicitor general position by statute in 1973.
See Solicitors General Panel on the Legacy of the Rehnquist Court, 74 GEO.
4) The Solicitor General heads a small staff of approximately twenty lawyers in the Office (four Deputy Solicitors General and roughly sixteen Assistants to the Solicitor General) who assist her in the formulation of legal positions and the drafting of briefs and certiorari-stage filings for Supreme Court cases.
Scholars and Jackson's Assistant Solicitors General disagree on the number of cases that Robert Jackson argued successfully before the U.