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singing using solfa syllables to denote the notes of the scale of C major

a voice exercise


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Each student receives a Big Kids songbook, CD, solfege cards and HomePlay activities.
They [children] are learning many things, like Arab traditional songs, solfege, music theory; they now read and write music," she continues.
Furthermore, students were told to expect instruction in solfege, theory, history, pedagogy, orchestral harmony, counterpoint, and composition.
lessons in piano and violin, basic and advanced harmony, counterpoint, solfege, music history, and conducting.
Weekly ninety-minute rehearsals (N = 9) each followed the same schedule: (a) physical and vocal warm-ups, (b) solfege practice, (c) pitch matching and choral blend practice, (d) literature practice for upcoming concerts, and (e) a closing song, "May the Gift of Human Kindness.
Labrecque poursuit ses etudes musicales de la fin des annees 1920 a la fin des annees 1930, a une epoque ou il n'existe pas de conservatoire de musique a Montreal: l'etude de l'art vocal, du solfege, de la theorie musicale, de l'harmonie et de la dictee musicale se font aupres de professeurs prives.
And then there were those irresistible anecdotes, like the austere Debussy's tacit approval of young solfege students using the Gilbert and Sullivan operas for their sight-singing exercises.
Four major types of music influenced the vocal productions of Nharira children: a) the religious: sung in the churches, reflecting a dual tradition, or sometimes a blend of Western hymnody and indigenous African elements; b) the didactic: songs for teaching in the British tradition, learned by rote and with solfege syllables (do-re-mi, etc.
These exercises were performed both with acoustic guitar accompaniment by the music therapist for harmonic support and without accompaniment to encourage Tracey to concentrate on the use of solfege hand signs used in scalic passages.
beaucoup moins que] Mais mon lancement reel dans le monde artistique n'eut lieu que dans les annees 1950 avec plusieurs grands maitres tels que Raymond Leyris [beaucoup plus grand que], se souvient le vieil homme, ajoutant avoir cree avec le cheikh Makhlouf Zouaoui l'association [beaucoup moins que] Alf leila wa leila [beaucoup plus grand que] et enseigne le solfege pendant 25 ans au conservatoire.
La, ce dernier lui enseignait le solfege de meme que la pratique du luth.
Students are taught solfege using the Fixed Do system from the very first lesson.
More importantly, his writing on the practice of chant demonstrates that being able to solmize (not solfege as Loewen uses) and comprehend music notation and theory, was understood to be of key importance in a Franciscan friar's education.
To be a music teacher, you go through the whole traditional music degree program that includes everything from music history, music theory, solfege, as well as learning all the instruments - because they're preparing you to go into public schools where you'll probably be leading a band or an orchestra - and playing the keyboard, orchestration, and then education classes.
We teach the solfege system of note-reading, because it is internationally understood.