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singing using solfa syllables to denote the notes of the scale of C major

a voice exercise


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CS is divided into 12 sequential steps that can be categorized into four broader categories: readiness, Conversational Solfege, reading, and writing.
Vaziri took an approach similar to that of Lemaire, since he emphasized teaching and learning "western theory, notation and solfege" based on the "scientific method" (Khoshzamir, 1979).
* La Rythmique, Le Solfege Un Chemin Vers La Musique (DVD) DVD Cote face Video Productions, Institut Jacques-Dalcroze (Geneve)
From my piano lesson I headed to solfege, which is the study of music theory.
This winter in neighboring Bern, Carron adroitly poses as the native son--a Sunday painter singing solfege, albeit one cued to the beat of a different drummer.
Guilmartin, Music Together founder and director: "Our Big Kids classes lay the foundation for basic music literacy, with a curriculum including solfege, solos and ensembles, dancing, harmony singing, vocal development and drumming.
It's there in the oldest folk songs and central to what they technically call "solmization" or "solfege".
91) mistakenly suggested that the "sol" of solfege received its name from the sun.
He took three years of solfege and four years of opera at the ESNCM.
Students between the ages of 8 and 12 can join the classes and each receives a song book, solfege guide and music history book.
Surrounding the audience, the young people of the chorus sang the ringing, rough-edged notes of the song, and after two verses of solfege, many of us found ourselves singing along.
He has been lecturer on Solfege and sight reading based on Lotfian method, Ney (Persian Flute), Flute, Ensemble and the Basics of Musical Performance.
The speaker leaves the asphalt for a "sol" that denotes both a musical tone, as in the system of solfege, evoking the concerts one finds in a city, and the earth.