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a broad flat muscle in the calf of the leg under the gastrocnemius muscle

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Soleus muscles incubated with 100 ng/mL of myostatin for 4 h exhibited an increase in p-Smad3 by 89% and a 30% decrease in p-Smad2.
The extensor and fibular (lateral) compartments of the leg are intact together with gracilis, popliteus, and soleus muscles.
The HRT of diabetic soleus muscle (table-II) was significantly prolonged while that of EDL was similar to the healthy controls (table-III).
In a previous study, we showed that one session of resistance training increased plasma irisin protein levels and expression of soleus muscle FNDC5 and abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue UCP1 genes (25).
To determine the level and distribution of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) in the soleus muscle, six to eight consecutive sections (100 [micro]m apart) from one specimen were stained for GLUT4.
The main finding of this study was that the combination of low-intensity NMES training with BFR had no effect on the soleus muscle thickness and maximal isometric voluntary contraction.
However, it has been found that in female rats ovariectomy does not affect soleus muscle fiber size (75).
Slightly more than half the population has a greater contribution from the soleus muscle, about one-third has equal gastrocnemius and soleus contributions, and the gastrocnemius is the dominant contributor for a small portion of the population.
Gastrocnemius and soleus muscle flexibility are important to ankle joint range of motion.
RADIOLOGIC DIAGNOSIS: Intramuscular hemangioma within the right soleus muscle.
The control group showed a decrease in soleus muscle mass and strength, the development of insulin resistance, and a loss of bone mineral density and resistance to breakage.
Massage, a night splint to stretch the heel cords, or a neoprene sleeve for compression during the day can relieve calf pain, a common problem among runners of all ages that often stems from a strained gastrocnemius or soleus muscle (see below).
In addition, to assess spinal motoneurons we used monosynaptic testing of N-reflex as a response of the soleus muscle to electrical excitation of the medial popliteal nerve and M-response, Nmax/Mmax ratio being determined (Carla Rito et al.