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a broad flat muscle in the calf of the leg under the gastrocnemius muscle

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Here, we found that myostatin increased the phosphorylation of Smad3 in soleus and EDL muscles and promoted an increase in proteolysis in soleus and a decrease in protein turnover in EDL and C2C12 cell culture.
The hypertrophy index of the soleus increased in all the trained groups, but it was significant only in the BFR+Ex group in comparison with the CTL, Sh, and BFR groups (P<0.
Its branches to both heads of the gastrocnemius and the posterior soleus muscle were suggested to be used as donors, to restore the function of the deep fibular nerve in cases of high sciatic nerve injury (Flores, 2009).
Contraction and half relaxation times were slower in diabetic soleus muscles in comparison to control muscles.
Last Saturday, Soleus organized its first-ever Sabor Latino 100% dancefest.
In addition, the soleus muscle tissues were cut out and, after measuring the weight, they were stored in a freezer (-80[degrees]C) for further usage.
The innervation is secured with one branch from the tibial nerve, which penetrates the muscle at its posterior aspect above the soleus arch, and another branch which penetrates the muscle at its anterior aspect.
Cryosections (12 [micro]m) of the pancreas and soleus muscles were cut and permeabilized with 0.
Plantaris is a small fusiform muscle with a long thin tendon, belonging to the superficial group of flexor muscles of the posterior compartment of leg along with gastrocnemius and soleus.
Participants were instrumented with bipolar EMG electrodes on the lateral gastrocnemius, medial gastrocnemius, and soleus of their dominant limb, operationally defined as the leg with which they kick a ball.
Latency of the soleus H-reflex was normal, and reciprocal suppression by dorsal flexion of the foot remained.
In this study, it has been hypothesized that the soleus muscle will show no significant changes in strength and hypertrophy in response to NMES and BFR training.
He has been diagnosed with a soleus (calf) muscle injury in his right leg.
Soleus muscles of the right and left hind limbs were dissected, immediately weighed and frozen in liquid nitrogen, and stored at -80[degrees] C.