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a coil of wire around an iron core

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Eddie Ray Cooper,edefendants' automotive expert, is expected to provide expert testimony concerning how the solenoid connector functions as part of the vehicle's safety system.
The strength of the magnetic field produced by a solenoid (B) is dependent on the number of wraps of wire that comprise the solenoid (N), the length of the solenoid (I), and the electrical current (I).
* Designed as a latching, two-position solenoid, the mechanism requires power only to change states
Multiphysics simulation can lead to considerable success in the design and optimization of linear control solenoid valves.
The current rising speed of the electromagnet determines the dynamic characteristics of the micro solenoid valve.
The new starter solenoid parts offer OE quality for select vehicles from Ford, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Acura and others.
The fig 3 shows the 12 Volt relay board which provides the proper signal to the shut off solenoid valve.
Wings, flaps, rudders and landing gear use our solenoids. We've got product on ships, deep ocean submarines, tanks and almost everything flying: missiles, helicopters the International Space Station.
Global solenoid valve market is segmented on the basis of type, application, and region.
To control the solenoid valves I used the Arduino Ethernet microcontroller board.
The formula is now applied to the case of an electron beam crossing the central plane of a long solenoid carrying direct current.
The water will be opened and closed with the help of solenoid valve placed outside the tank.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because the brake transmission shift interlock solenoid may have a loose electrical connection that could result in a loss of solenoid function.
Aimed at providing a no-compromise solution for partial stroke testing (PST), IMI Precision Engineering has created the first smart solenoid valve which fully integrates the two main types of intelligent PST systems - positioners and electronic systems.