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a coil of wire around an iron core

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The new starter solenoid parts offer OE quality for select vehicles from Ford, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Acura and others.
The fig 3 shows the 12 Volt relay board which provides the proper signal to the shut off solenoid valve.
The market for aluminum solenoid valves is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period"
Wings, flaps, rudders and landing gear use our solenoids.
Global solenoid valve market is segmented on the basis of type, application, and region.
Among this a simple solenoid construction with number of windings N (90), with 2 layers and length of solenoid L (50 mm) was chosen.
Most solenoid valves operate at 24VDC so either two 12V batteries in series or a 24VAC adapter is required.
Since 2008, UT engineering professors and about 15 students have worked inside UT's Magnet Development Laboratory (MDL) located off of Pellissippi Parkway to develop technology that serves to insulate and provide structural integrity to the more than 1,000 ton central solenoid.
ITER Project Office at ORNL, the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency and the ITER Organization to examine superconducting cables for ITER'S central solenoid magnet.
Abstract: This paper deals with arm position simulation of the PAM based actuator consisting of two pneumatic artificial muscles (PAMs) in antagonistic connection and four solenoid valves (two for muscles ,filling and two for muscles emptying).
The company was bought by US-based solenoid designer and manufacturer Curtiss-Wright in October last year for around pounds 2m and it has opted to shift production to China leading to the loss of over 40 North East jobs.
Now the 53-year-old dad-of-four is working on his Super Solenoid - a breakthrough technology which can be used to power medical devices such as pacemakers for a lifetime.
Company offers manual override for its full line of Series 80 Large Orifice Solenoid Valves.
The 039H Series Miniature Manifold-Mounted Solenoid Pivot Valve is available in the UK and Europe from Omnifit.
On the other hand modern technology permits to manufacture traps from permanent magnets with not much smaller values of the magnetic flux density B and one may use a normal solenoid as a magnetic shutter.