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deep-water wormlike mollusks lacking calcareous plates on the body but having fine slimy spicules on the covering mantle

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A radula is absent in about 20% of solenogaster genera (Scheltema et al., 2003); so far not tallied is the number of genera without copulatory spicules; and sclerites can be of such a common sort that they often cannot be used with certainty for identifications, e.g., many Cavibelonia species, although there are no thoroughly analyzed scleritomes among Cavibelonia.
Discrimination and phylogeny of solenogaster species through the morphology of hard parts (Mollusca, Aplacophora, Neomeniomorpha).
a Solenogaster (Mollusca) feeding on the Alcyonacean Scleronephthya corymnbosa (Cnidaria) from shallow waters of the Red Sea.
Natural history of a solenogaster mollusc from Papua New Guinea, Epimenia australis (Thiele) (Aplacophora: Neomeniomorpha).