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Synonyms for solecism

a term that offends against established usage standards

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Synonyms for solecism

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Describing the practice of tying one's vessel to another with a tow line and dragging it as "towing the line" is a solecism.
Guccione's effort to class up sci-fi art was like trying to break-dance in a Vegas tuxedo, but he never saw the solecism there.
"[S]he had to improvise daily to maintain Simone and Charles occupied" is not English, "she could no longer bare the thought" is a solecism, and there are eccentricities of capitalization and punctuation throughout.
Her debut book of poems, Solecism, was published by Virtual
The tense of his acknowledgment of Virgil's influence necessarily refers to work preceding the Commedia: "lo bello stilo che m'ha fatto onore." Giovanni Boccaccio (1373-75) was aware of this problem and enjoys the merit (or bears the blame) for the invention of the "solecism theory," in which Dante wants to give Virgil credit for bringing honor to the asyet-unwritten Commedia: "II bello stilo, del trattato e massimamente dello Inferno, che m'ha fatto onore, cioe fara: e pon qui il preterito per lo futuro faccendo soloecismo" (for similar interpretations, see Benvenuto da Imola [1375-80] and Francesco Giambullari [1538-48]).
You wouldn't be committing a solecism if applying it to Beethoven's String Quartet Opus 131 - the chamber music equivalent of a swift ascent of Everest followed by a plunge down Niagara Falls.
Once more the BBC in their infinite pomposity refrained to admit any solecism and then further insulted our intelligence by stating they will be using him again during the closing ceremony.
An enthralling read for the mid-teens, this book is on the whole well written, although there is the occasional solecism: 'Her and her Dad had never been there ...' An excellent bait for the reluctant reader.
Always ready to try anything with the Heston Blumenthal mark of genius attached, I was eager to have a slice, but first there was a little solecism I needed to sort out lest it left a bad taste in the mouth.
low-key and unsung." The portmanteau "peripheter" is credited to the singer Tony Bennett, who, as related in the curator's press release, once "pointed to a Kokoschka landscape in a book at Hacker's on 57th Street and said he liked what Oskar did 'along the peripheter.'" Its hybrid solecism is key to the high-low-brow curatorial concept of the show.
There is an odd recurring solecism, in that he consistently misspells the military rank, 'marshal'.
Writing an etiquette guide for elitist publisher Debrett's, Morgan maintains 'gossiping gaggles' as a solecism but for once encourages 'aspersions on the works'.
This is the first time ever in the country's parliamentary history that the Opposition has committed such a parliamentary solecism. This is also one of the rare occasions when almost the entire Opposition displayed unity, with the BJP and the Left joining hands.
Readers of The Winter's Tale will be familiar with Shakespeare's solecism, for which Ben Jonson took him to task, when he represents the verdant, landlocked Bohemia as a country with a seacoast and deserts.
What term is applied to a grammatical solecism such as 'to boldly go'?