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But the fight was not to go easily this day, for the soldiery, smarting from their recent discomfiture at the widow's cottage, and knowing that the eyes of the whole shire were upon them, fought well, and pressed closely after the retreating outlaws.
At length, with a concerted rush, evidently in response to a signal of command, the pirates in our immediate vicinity dashed recklessly to the ground in the very midst of the thern soldiery.
Suddenly the ape-man stopped and turned toward the city, his mighty frame, clothed in the yellow tunic of Herog's soldiery, plainly visible to the others beneath the light of the stars.
Those who could not get in remained in the neighbourhood until evening and were, with great difficulty, kept back by the soldiery and the police.
Soldiery is a noble profession that is not only different and worthwhile, but also offers continuous growth and career development," Villanueva said.
However, we salute his display of the finest tradition of soldiery and gallantry in pursuing peace and protecting the people of Paquibato.
In a statement, the Armed Forces of the Philippines said Sandoval, commander of the 11th Scout Ranger Company, was recognized for having 'distinguished himself in combat as he displayed extraordinary courage, bravery, sterling leadership and professionalism by offering the greatest sacrifice of giving his life to a fellow comrade, thereby keeping with the finest tradition of soldiery.
The man's woeful condition suggests that the health of the soldiery is low on the priorities of the regime, which, hell bent on producing strategic weapons, is allocating massive amounts of scarce resources for these programs.
Captain Anani-Isaac, The Royal Lancers, from the book Soldiery (British Army Portraits), by Rory Lewis
Add to all this trace memories of The King and I, the racial tension in Showboat, the hard-nut Japanese soldiery in the movie Empire Of The Sun and, as you can see, you might well spend much of Act One of this superbly-staged show pondering on this influence and that.
His experience of irregular warfare in North America and eastern Europe and his considerable strategic intelligence (together, perhaps, with a lingering belief that British armies could not be defeated on the battlefield) led him to advocate a more harassing, guerilla style of warfare, relying more on small forces and the citizen soldiery of the militia than the more confrontational tactics employed by Washington in sustaining and deploying the Continental Army.
Rustico is located on the site of previous endeavours in Prodromou Street that have foundered through bad management or lack of support and perhaps for being located so far out of town that a special effort has to be made; it certainly cannot benefit from passing trade, and situated opposite one of the largest army barracks in the city, it is a little too sophisticated for the licentious soldiery, so what does it offer?
The 6-month training that started in October 26, 2015 aimed to provide the candidate soldiers with the basic knowledge and skills of soldiery, develop their character worthy to become members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and prepare them to perform duties as riflemen and automatic riflemen of the infantry squads, Tiongson said.
Its soldiery was, for the most part, uneducated and poorly trained.
Not, mark you, because they regarded my capture as all that important, but I was just one of an estimated 20,000 soldiers of the Allied Forces, and one must admit, that's quite a lot of soldiery, by any standard of fighting potential.