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Synonyms for soldierly

relating to, characteristic of, or performed by troops

Synonyms for soldierly

(of persons) befitting a warrior

References in classic literature ?
The first one, a soldierly, abrupt, red-faced person, with white eyebrows and an explosive temper, could be managed with a silken thread.
He had a shabby blue frock coat, a red, soldierly looking waistcoat, and a kind of coarse white trousers common among the early Victorians, but strangely incongruous today.
He only met with Planchet, whose joy was great at seeing the young man again, and who contrived to pay him two or three little soldierly compliments, savoring very little of the grocer's shop.
It was a sweet, simple country spot, but I was surprised to observe that by the gate there stood two soldierly men in dark uniforms who leaned upon their short rifles and glanced keenly at us as we passed.
With a soldierly salute, he wheeled round his horse, and, galloping down the lists, disappeared amid the dense crowd of footmen and of horsemen who were streaming away from the scene of the tournament.
This irritation was not diminished when she beheld the captain, enchanted with the gypsy, and, most of all, with himself, execute a pirouette on his heel, repeating with coarse, naïve, and soldierly gallantry,--
Never, he thought, had he seen upon Barsoom more soldierly figures or thoats so perfectly trained to perfection of immobility as these.
With thy soldierly qualities in addition, my dear boy, there be a great future for thee in the paths of honest men.
In spite of the doctor's entreaties, Genestas flung down his table- napkin, and swore in a soldierly fashion that he would not finish his dinner without his host.
Carlier cleared his throat and said in a soldierly voice, "What nonsense
says the master, walking towards him without his coat and waistcoat, and looking more soldierly than ever in his braces.
Speaking at the occasion, the Dorjey highlighted the role of the women in DRDO, saying that they have been tirelessly been working with devotion, determination and soldierly dedication and providing technological solutions to the region.
But, as I rearrange them on the fridge, some in little clusters and some in soldierly lines, I relive the thrills of our travels and I know that I cannot discard any - irrespective of what I read.
Though the Civil War and the American Revolution provided good soldierly material too, they lacked tanks, bazookas, and flame throwers.
The Prime Minister and others who constantly tell me to be afraid, frankly, speaking soldierly about it, they can b*gger off.