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Synonyms for soldier

Synonyms for soldier

one who engages in a combat or struggle

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Several techniques have been developed in construction of cut-and cover tunnels, which are categorized based on ground supporting methods; these techniques include: cut and-cover using diaphragm walls, cut-and-cover using secant pile walls, cut-and-cover using soldier piles and lagging, and cut-and-cover using steel sheet pile walls.
Cut-and-cover using soldier piles and lagging technique is considered to be one of oldest retaining systems that are commonly used in supporting deep excavations.
difficult to control soil movements as the flange of soldier piles are embedded beneath subgrade.
All processes are similar to tunnel construction with cut-and-cover method using soldier piles and lagging processes except for the second process of installation of sheet piles.
Jacking shafts 40 feet long, 20 feet wide and 25 feet deep were installed as soldier piles by pre-drilling to drive steel beams (H-piles) to a depth of 10 feet below finish grade.
Manufacture of 2 steel concrete-floor ducts, as well as drilling of Verbautrgern each outside as an early measure: 500 m excavation 43 m concrete WU 7 to rebar 106 m interior insulation foam glass, including mineral coating 100 m bituminous sealing soldier piles as a preliminary measure 29 pcs HEB 240 length.
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