soldier of fortune

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Synonyms for soldier of fortune

a freelance fighter

Synonyms for soldier of fortune

a person hired to fight for another country than their own

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Soldier Of Fortune will need to be at his very best today but there is still reason for believing that he can upstage the home favourite Zarkava.
So Soldier Of Fortune's win in the same contest bodes well for his chances.
The Derby hero was yesterday confirmed at the first forfeit stage for the big race along with 14 others, including chief market rivals Soldier Of Fortune and Zambezi Sun.
At The Curragh, Eagle Mountain will be odds-on and should win, but take Soldier Of Fortune (6/1) as a viable alternative.
Di Caprio plays a soldier of fortune caught up in the bloody civil war in Sierra Leone in the 1990s.
Tucker is an ex-Marine, a combat veteran, and something of a soldier of fortune. His trade is visiting war zones around the globe, insinuating himself at the "point of the spear," and writing about what he sees.
SOLDIER of Fortune and Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force are being converted for the PlayStation2.
Soldier of Fortune magazine will host a discussion panel of distinguished Korean War vets during its annual convention in Las Vegas at Cashman Field, Oct.
Some are religious and quiet, while others are, as Soldier of Fortune consulting editor and Mesa, Arizona, resident Richard L.
Although I've never had this fantasy about my own soldier of fortune, I can see her point that under the human male's wishful vision of himself as a conqueror lording it over obedient sex slaves, there lurks the secret image of a ridiculous oinker.
Soldier of Fortune Magazine (1989), the court reversed a $9.4 million judgment against the magazine after a jury found that an advertisement seeking "high risk assignments" led to a contract killing.
Perhaps as a result of this rebuff Archilochus went to live in Thasos, where he seems to have become a soldier of fortune, later serving in Thrace and other places and composing his poetry as he served.
Soldier of Fortune Magazine Inc., a case now pending before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.
A professional soldier of fortune who leads or conducts a band of mercenaries.
His smallest representation has been just the two runners - in 1996, 2005, 2012 and 2013 The Ballydoyle trainer has sent out a record 11 winners of the Curragh Classic: Desert King (1997), Galileo (2001), High Chaparral (2002), Dylan Thomas (2006), Soldier Of Fortune (2007), Frozen Fire (2008), Fame And Glory (2009), Cape Blanco (2010), Treasure Beach (2011), Camelot (2012) and Australia (2014) Seamie Heffernan is the only jockey to have ridden for O'Brien in all of the 19 Irish Derbys in which the trainer has had runners, winning on Soldier Of Fortune and Frozen Fire (left) VVMONDAY Jury, page 8 Since he first had runners in the race in 1996, O'Brien has been represented every year.