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Synonyms for soldier

Synonyms for soldier

one who engages in a combat or struggle

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References in classic literature ?
Now the Soldier knew what a capital tinder-box this was.
The dog was already outside the door, and before the Soldier could look round, in he came with the Princess.
The Soldier had an overpowering longing to see the Princess again, and so the dog came in the middle of the night and fetched her, running as fast as he could.
However, the tall soldier seemed suddenly to forget all those fears.
Turning he saw that it belonged to the tattered soldier.
Sell me the missis," said another soldier, addressing the German, who, angry and frightened, strode energetically along with downcast eyes.
a soldier near by said sternly, looking round at the sound.
There they all landed, and went into the castle, and each prince danced with his princess; and the soldier, who was all the time invisible, danced with them too; and when any of the princesses had a cup of wine set by her, he drank it all up, so that when she put the cup to her mouth it was empty.
but this time the soldier placed himself in the boat with the eldest princess); and on the opposite shore they took leave of each other, the princesses promising to come again the next night.
The Soldier hastened away, and presently they heard the clattering of the horse's wooden legs upon the pavement as he was led into the courtyard.
I expected this blow" said the Soldier, sulkily; "but I can bear it.
And how my comrade, the other pewter soldier, lives
shouted the pewter soldier as loud as he could, and threw himself off the drawers right down on the floor.
Other soldiers heard the noise, and ran hastily from the barracks to assist their comrades.
He immediately ordered eight soldiers of the main guard to take their muskets and follow him.