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a hand tool with a heatable tip

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If not, due to change in position of the board, change of tip, poor product tooling or system drift, the soldering iron tip will cause damage to the board.
STIPPLING THE GRIPPING SURFACE OF polymer-framed guns is usually done with a soldering iron, and it is getting more and more accepted and common--not just on competition guns but by the serious "tactical" crowd.
An inductive heating technology, tailored for soldering irons, naturally limits the maximum temperature of the tip, without requiring temperature sensing or control circuitry.
In meeting this objective, Metcal also "future-proofed" its soldering irons to be perfectly suited to lead-free soldering.
There, you are more likely to find the students wielding staple guns and soldering irons as they strive for new creations.
It's near the soldering irons in the tool department.
Naturally, soldering irons, solder and flux are necessary.
Tenders are invited for Apparatus for soldering soft and firm solder or welding machines and apparatus for surface tempering and hot spraying, electrical (electrical machinery and apparatus for soldering or welding (excluding soldering irons and soldering guns))" under code 016 DKPP: 2010 - 27.
The silicon-jacketed leads are not affected by cold weather or hot soldering irons.
Marc Grange, Head of Product and Asset Management, element14 Asia-Pacific said, Weller offers a wide range of soldering irons and accessories for diverse requirements, and the WSD81i alone offers nearly 1000 soldering iron and tip combinations.
First-piece soldering, rework and repair operations are routinely performed using manual soldering irons.