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a hand tool with a heatable tip

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Plastic worms are easily repaired with a soldering iron, by holding the torn or broken parts together and running the iron over the break.
Up until then I didn't own a soldering iron, but right now the gun on my hip sports a grip hand-stippled by yours truly, and trust me folks--if I can stipple a grip, anyone can.
To understand the mechanisms involved with the degradation of the soldering iron tips, we first have to understand the composition of the soldering iron tips.
TIP: Add some sparkle by using the soldering iron to apply the hot fix gems to the cushion.
Place the wire on the circuit board and hold it in place with the tip of the soldering iron.
A former robotics manager is putting away his soldering iron to deliver meals on wheels to Shropshire residents.
Repeating rubber-band guns, woodburning kits (essentially a soldering iron and a 2-by-4), pellet guns, bows and arrows, bicycles without helmets, and rock-filled dirt clods made up the arsenal of "toys" with which we faced each scab- and bruise-inducing summer day.
Ammanford Magistrates Court heard that two products, an electrical glue gun and a soldering iron, were bought before badly failing safety tests.
Apple has already done a deal with AT&T in the US to be their preferred network provider, but it seems that a couple of hours with a soldering iron and some software skill was enough to put the cat among the pigeons
This usually does the trick, but at times the tip of an electric soldering iron held to the screw head further encourages stubborn fasteners to let go.
I even use a soldering iron to create unusual effects.
Here's what you will do: apply rubber strips to your urn, and then use a soldering iron to engrave a design in the rubber.
The women were also "disciplined," according to the Los Angeles Times, by being forced to drink detergent, and one was tortured with a soldering iron.
If the user chooses to use a soldering iron it should be of the controlled temperature variety and used to proximally heat the connection.