soldering flux

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flux applied to surfaces that are to be joined by soldering

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One of the most significant chemicals used in the manufacturing process is rosin or organic acid-based soldering flux, which may be either compounded with solder powder into paste, or used as a stand-alone formulation.
He is convinced his medical condition was work related, believing the asthma was caused by soldering flux and the depression by inhaling solvent Trichloroethylene.
Opulent's Cree Chemical Compatibility Kits help lighting engineers test the compatibility of chemicals such as soldering flux or coatings for the Cree XPE, MX, and XHP LED product lines.
A solder bump separation mechanism is suggested based on the reaction between Al and Cl, related to the flow of soldering flux.
Most cases of occupational asthma are caused by flour/grain or hay; soldering flux used in welding and soldering; wood dust from woodwork or saw-milling; animals from labs; glues or resins or isocyanates used in spray painting or foam manufacture.