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a worker who joins or mends with solder

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A high school diploma or equivalent combined with technical and on-the-job training is typically required to become a welder, cutter, solderer, or brazer.
The ubiquitous solderer's wanderings, moreover, highlight the stark geographical and cultural dichotomies of the small but richly diversified Ecuador.
Solderer Hugh, 33, Elaine, 35, and their family live in a terraced house in Greenock and are on the lists of three housing associations and Inverclyde Council.
Doreen returned to work in 1966 as a solderer at GEC where she remained until 1970, when she retired along with Gordon.
Among other things, she was a pork trimmer in meatpacking houses, a hotel maid, a laundry worker, a jar capper, a waitress, and a solderer.
The use of the mechanical or "chain" solderer to replace the hand method for sealing the tins of salmon, eventually superseded by the solderless canning line, served the same purposes.
She was employed as a solderer at the International Rectifier in Leominster.
James works as a solderer at Sapphire Research and Electrics in Ferndale but performs at restaurants, bars, weddings and birthday parties in his spare time.
Upon completion of the program, they can work as a welder, cutter, fitter, solderer or brazer.
Partridge worked for many years as an electronics Solderer. She loved collecting bird figurines and crafting.
Gwen worked as a solderer and then moved to work in the canteen at George Wimpey.
Piskala was a tester at the Webster Record Company in Dudley, and then a solderer at the American Optical Company in Southbridge before retiring in 1975.