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an alloy (usually of lead and tin) used when melted to join two metal surfaces

join or fuse with solder

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Key words: PVD target, soldering, solderable coating, [Al.
To assure fully activated flux, the solderable surfaces (including the topside annular rings) must reach a minimum of 212[degrees]f.
This flip chip diode employs a 6 [micro]m thick, Sn63/Pb37 solderable interface as part of the 30 [micro]m high solder bump.
PEM fasteners include broaching nuts with permanent threads for board mounting or component attachment; threaded or unthreaded standoffs for stacking or spacing and flare-mounted standoffs for greater pullout performance; threaded studs for use as solderable connectors or as permanently mounted mechanical fasteners with external threads; and one-piece board-mount screw assemblies with captive screws for easy mounting and removal of PC boards.
Thin films of various metals are used by the microelectronics community to produce, for example, solderable surface finishes, magnetic recording media, and copper wiring in printed circuit boards and integrated circuits.
with power rating of 70 mW Termination styles include solderable nickel barrier, epoxy bondable and gold wire bondable.
In several instances, the devices also are wave solderable.
In general, lower amounts of organic impurities in a solderable coating result in better physical stability of the material.
The solder mask covers the outer part of the pad, so the solderable copper surface is determined by the size of the opening in solder mask, not by the area of the copper pad.
Conductive, solderable, formable, and corrosion-resistant
Their vertical, through-hole mounting provides a small footprint and solderable tabs extend from the shield for increased board stability.
Larger and wider pads can be fabricated with various techniques to yield copper and copper base metal solutions with and without enhanced solderable surfaces.
Ticona notes that "These glass and mineral filled specialty grades offer very low warp characteristics, which is important for injection molded, lead-flee solderable electrical components with ultra-thin wall thicknesses.