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an alloy (usually of lead and tin) used when melted to join two metal surfaces

join or fuse with solder

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We soldered up the leaden coffin, screwed on the coffin lid, and gathering up our belongings, came away.
Item, one lump of solder. Item, three pieces of twine.
Barbicane calculated the quantity of spirits of wine overflowed into the little vial soldered to the lower part of the instrument, and said:
The hook was soldered into the staple: a circumstance observed by me when awake, but forgotten.
- "Cholera - Leave stopped - Officers recalled." Alas, for the white gloves in the neatly soldered boxes, the rides and the dances and picnics that were to be, the loves half spoken, and the debts unpaid!
And they saw, by the red flashes of lightning against the violet fog which the wind stamped upon the bank-ward sky, they saw pass gravely, at six paces behind the governor, a man clothed in black and masked by a vizor of polished steel, soldered to a helmet of the same nature, which altogether enveloped the whole of his head.
This case presents no difficulty on my view, for a hooked seed might be transported to an island by some other means; and the plant then becoming slightly modified, but still retaining its hooked seeds, would form an endemic species, having as useless an appendage as any rudimentary organ,--for instance, as the shrivelled wings under the soldered elytra of many insular beetles.
[ClickPress, Wed Jul 31 2019] It has been observed that, the global market for 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) System Market would be experiencing steady growth marked in million US$ by 2025.
"Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Vibration Reliability of BGA and LGA Solder Configurations and SAC 105 and 63Sn37Pb Solder Alloys"
The Integra 508.3S configuration with single fluxer and solder pot provides single board processing.
Evident hazards are the heat emitted from the soldering iron, electrical hazards from frayed electrical cords, and the fumes/gases that result from melting the solder. However, there are a number of other hazards and safety issues that must be considered when soldering.
Solder, a fusible metal alloy used to join metal pieces, is a staple material in the electronics industry.
[29] have done research on the effect of a small amount of Al addition on the wettability of the Sn-58Bi solder. Due to Al being too active or the flux being not matched to this solder, it was found that the wettability of the Sn-58Bi solder became poorer after adding 2 wt.% Al to the eutectic Sn-58Bi solder.
As a result of EU directives of avoiding the use of lead [1] in solder joints, the attention of soldering at higher application temperatures is especially focused to trying to find most appropriate alloy as a substitute for Pb-Sn solder.
South Miami, FL, November 06, 2014 --( An innovative and highly functional improvement on the entire soldering process, the All-In-One Hander Solder Gun, has been developed by Matthew Lowe of Spanish Fork, Utah.