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an alloy (usually of lead and tin) used when melted to join two metal surfaces

join or fuse with solder

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5 features Nordson SELECTs unique automatic solder nozzle tinning system.
Basically, either the center or the outer edge of the package is depressing the solder paste and sphere that has now reflowed.
As the input component for the production of the solder alloy, materials of high purity of 3N to 5N are used.
Since most surface mount components are small in size and weigh on the order of grams, the inherent strength of the solder pads on which they are affixed was never a serious concern.
DOE Factors and Levels PARAMETERS LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 Solder Temperature ([degrees]C) 250 280 320 Robot Speed (m/s) 3 5 10 Distance * (mm) 3 4 5 Angle ([degrees]) 0 7 10 * Distance: between the bottom side of the assembly and the rim of the nozzle.
Lead-free solder mehs at a higher temperature than the now-banned lead-based solder.
To hold the crimp, the researchers glued the crimped tape to a flat piece of tape and then dipped the patterned tape into solder, coating the copper diamonds with this metal alloy.
Printing of a lifting flap or of connecting strips between adjacent areas of peelable solder mask considerably simplifies the subsequent peeling of the mask (FIGURE 2).
For decades lead--tin solder has been used to attach electronic components to printed wiring boards.
This year the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) completed the 4 year High Temperature Fatigue Resistant Solder Project with the assistance of NIST.
There is a thick, wide seam and it has solder smears or dents that look like they have been punched on purpose,'' he said.
This legislation says, simply, that lead solder -- which is used to join copper pipes together -- will no longer be allowed in New York.
1 Reliability of Lead-Free Electronic Solder Interconnects: Roles of Material and Service Parameters
Also on exhibit will be Nordson SELECTs unique automatic solder nozzle tinning system.