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Synonyms for solarize

reverse some of the tones of (a negative or print) and introduce pronounced outlines of highlights, by exposing it briefly to light, then washing and redeveloping it

become overexposed

overexpose to sunlight

expose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun

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'Solarizing Total's service stations is fully aligned with our strategy of generating and supplying distributed renewable electricity,' adds Julien Pouget, Senior Vice President, Renewables at Total.
The spokesman added that work on solarizing one hundred villages across the province will start next week.
I have eradicated nutsedge (aka nutgrass) and other pesky grasses and weeds by "solarizing" the infected area.
Chapters include sidebars and tips, illustrations and equations as well as checklists to use throughout the solarizing process.
At Chellemi's suggestion, O'Dare incorporated compost and manure into the beds and wet them down before solarizing. "When that mix heats up under clear plastic, it produces gases, some of which are toxic to soil pests such as fungi and nematodes and to weed seeds," says O'Dare.
Dale and Greg Murray of Decatur County, Georgia, are solarizing again this summer, after a 2-year hiatus.