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Synonyms for solarize

reverse some of the tones of (a negative or print) and introduce pronounced outlines of highlights, by exposing it briefly to light, then washing and redeveloping it

become overexposed

overexpose to sunlight

expose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun

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Solar Solutions and Southern Energy Management worked with Duke University's Solarize program, which helped local residents purchase solar panels for a negotiated discount.
The Tour includes three local residences, where the owners will showcase their photovoltaic systems and discuss why they made the decision to go solar with Solarize.
People that go through a solarize program like ours could take up to a month or two after attending the workshop before they sign up for the work through an installer," Mital said.
Since 2011, RGS Energy has participated in 15 Solarize initiatives throughout the Northeast.
With so many vendors submitting proposals, it was initially a tough decision, but in the end RGS Energy emerged as the clear choice," said Dan Corda, a Solarize Troy member.
The Solarize Massachusetts program, for instance, is a group buying program that 17 communities were chosen to participate in, including Mendon, Millbury, Sutton, Palmer and Shirley.
Solarize Salem, a community group, is considering five bids for its program to bring solar electric panels to 100 Salem homes.
Support at the LOTW gig comes from Johnny Foreigner and up-and-coming Scots act Solarize.
Available effects include Adding Text, Anti-Alias, Average, Contrast, Deskew, Despeckle, Emboss, Gamma Correct, Grayscale, Hue, Intensity, Invert, Median, Mosaic, Motion Blur, Oilify, Posterize, Saturation, Sepia Tone, Sharpen, Solarize, Stamp, and more.
RELATED ARTICLE: Solarize rather than dig or use chemicals.
For advanced users, there are more than 50 special effects that let you posterize, picturize, solarize, texturize, and add artistic touches.
The federal minister also highlighted salient features of the government plan to solarize some 30,000 tube well in Balochistan and also invited the EU to take part in the process.
Tenders are invited for solar photovoltaic installers to participate in the 2017 solarize massachusetts program.
States will also work to implement Solarize group-purchasing programs within the region.