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exposure to the rays of the sun


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Thirdly, the government has approved solarization of schools and basic health units in KP and about 8000 schools including 30pc girls' schools and 187BHUs would be solarized.
The Chief Minister approved 19 schemes of Hajj and Religious affairs' department including solarization of mosques.
The objective of this study was to verify the use of integrated management control of stem rot disease in Jerusalem artichoke including biological control, chemical control and soil solarization under greenhouse and small plot.
For example, solarization and steam elevate temperatures above those tolerated by many microbes, while ASD deprives microbes of oxygen; all three methods volatilize organic compounds naturally present in soil that are toxic to soil microorganisms (Hewavitharana et al.
Lombardo S, Longo AMG, Lo Monaco A, Mauromicale G (2012) The effect of soil solarization and fumigation on pests and yields in greenhouse tomatoes.
The increase of light beyond the photosynthetic capacity of the plants can result in a light stress situation known as photoinhibition or solarization, and also can increase respiratory rate, a condition that reduces photosynthetic efficiency, and consequently, mass incorporation by the plants (DIAS; MARENCO, 2007).
The medium of reproduction itself, too, has left its traces; bands that result from scanning errors and the minute, colorful solarization effects that occur when glass is scanned come to play an active part in the compositional process.
As an alternative to soil fumigants, solarization, is a process that occurs in moist soil when covered with plastic film which heats the soil anywhere from 99[degrees]F to 150[degrees]F, especially during warm months.
The most broad-spectrum method which the most farmers depend on is chemical control, next to biological control, resistant varieties, trap crops, crop rotation, cover crops, cultural control and soil solarization have been tested with different levels of successes [7,8].
Framing, captioning, exotic photo effects (like solarization or posterizing), conversion to line drawings, paintings, cartoons, and comic book coloring are available in the app stores for iOS and Android.
Keller sensitively describes how DeFeo's use of straightforward photography, double exposures, solarization, and photo collage allowed the artist to bridge the objective and the subjective and to build symbolic resonances both internal and external (75-77).
Weed seed responsiveness to thermal degree hours under laboratory conditions and soil solarization in greenhouse.
Soil solarization works best when breaking new ground, establishing new beds, or where vegetables and other annuals are exclusively grown.
Solarization and green manure for integrated control of Pyrenochaeta terrestris (Hansen) on onion