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a room enclosed largely with glass and affording exposure to the sun

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Main features: purchase of furniture for landscaping beaches and solariums of the pool Form of the contract: ordinary
The National Sunroom Association is a member-directed trade association dedicated to the advancement of the manufacture and construction of safe, energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious sunrooms, patio rooms, and solariums.
Get a detailed picture of the Solariums, Spas and Similar Services market;
The society's health promotion manager, Jan Pearson, said that because solarium standards were voluntary, "you get huge variations in the amount of UV you get from different solariums.
Solariums are appropriate for every skin type except those with hypersensitive skin.
As at present the attendance of solariums is popular, measurements of the intensity of UVA and UVB radiation in a solarium were carried out.
Yvonne's staff of five are trained in solarium skincare and able to provide responsible tanning advice to ensure customers develop tans safely.
Despite her continued use of solariums, Hayley added: 'I would like to warn other teenagers not to use sunbeds, because of the damage they can cause.
Despite government guidelines which state that noone under the age of 16 should use a sunbed, 18 of the city's solariums revealed that all bar one, when asked by an investigator would allow the women to bring their 14-year-old niece along for a session.
Tenders are invited for Providing Products Pepin and Solariums, Ds Mures
And Dr Wilson agrees with Liverpool health promotion officer Maureen Sayer - who has carried out her own investigation into solariums in the city - when she says says: 'There does appear to be an epidemic of skin cancer in this area 'You only have to look around Liverpool to see lots of solariums opening and lots of young women with orange skin.
Nearly half of the units have soaring 20'-8" ceilings and solariums with full-height glass frame windows; all have balconies (some with two) offering stunning city views, and gas burning fireplaces operated by remote control.