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a room enclosed largely with glass and affording exposure to the sun

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The MI Majors' Solarium was modeled after President Eisenhower's Project Solarium from 1953 that convened to develop the U.S.
To fully understand the results of Solarium 2014, it is important to discuss the process used to arrive at the end state.
Do you know that solarium usage increases the risk of skin cancer between 20 and 75% especially among youth aged less than 35?
solarium pool before Graphite Design + Build, Toledo, sculpted the material into a landscape that reflected the crocodile's native Australian environment.
When the weather is really cold and it sometimes drops to 5 degrees in the morning even here, so we just use the solarium to dry the horses and some of them have back problems and because the light is around 24 degrees, it's good for them.
Enjoy pampering in the day spa, lie back in the open-roofed solarium, or exert yourself in the fitness centre.
Away from the pool are 50 stables, a walker, a lunge pen, 30 acres of paddocks and a solarium for swimmers to dry off in.
Facilities include three restaurants, two bars, two meeting rooms, an outdoor pool and a thalassotherapy centre, which features a hammam, Jacuzzi, indoor pool, solarium and fitness area.
The hotel will be managed by the distinguished Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, which will also manage the rental of Solarium villas that are available for renting by the general public.
This impressive property, which comes with around five acres of pasture/woodland and stabling, consists of all the usual as well as a purpose-built gym with sauna and solarium. There is also a detached office block across the rear courtyard that comprises four large rooms and is prime for conversion.
The society's health promotion manager, Jan Pearson, said that because solarium standards were voluntary, "you get huge variations in the amount of UV you get from different solariums.
Recent studies have shown that solarium tanning is less damaging than sun tanning, although absolutely safe sunbathing doesn't exist.
UV radiation is disseminated not only by the Sun, but it is radiated during the process of welding, getting suntan at a solarium, by quartz lamps used in medicine.