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Synonyms for solarise

reverse some of the tones of (a negative or print) and introduce pronounced outlines of highlights, by exposing it briefly to light, then washing and redeveloping it

become overexposed

overexpose to sunlight

expose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun

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Building on success of Miraah project, GlassPoint and PDO has come together to launch a platform with the name SolaRISE, which stands for Solar Research, Innovation and Sustainability in Energy.
SolaRISE has a sole aim to work towards innovative technologies for generating steam with the help of solar energy.
The Energy Department of Punjab Govt is working on the project as one aspect of it to solarise BHUs at tehsil level.
HARIPUR -- The Haripur district council unanimously adopted a resolution on Tuesday demanding the provincial government release Rs23 million approved by the chief minister to the tehsil municipal administration to solarise mosques.
GlassPoint Solar, the leading supplier of solar energy to the oil and gas industry, launched SolaRISE, a new technology centre in partnership with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) on Monday.
Besides, it will solarise tubewells and filtration plants, and support high-value agriculture along the CPEC's western route and Barani areas in the province.
Elle assure aussi des cours de soutien au benefice d'enfants solarises.