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exposure to the rays of the sun


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The chief minister was informed that procurement for various solarisation projects had already taken place and would be completed soon.
As for the public health sector, the ongoing programmes to be completed until 2021 include the completion of 89 schemes identified in the ADP 2018-19, sanitation system programme in all tribal district headquarters, rehabilitation and solarisation of 220 DWSS under the grant of USAID in tribal districts and six water and sanitation schemes in North Waziristan with the support of Unicef.
The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf during its previous tenure had chalked out a plan for solarisation of 4,000 mosques apart from announcing Rs10,000 honorarium for every prayer leader.
Usman Buzdar, I in my humble capacity as Minister Energy prioritized the solarisation project, took it out of the cold storage, fast tracked it and put it on speedy execution.
The meeting was told that surface irrigation schemes, the building of water reservoirs and solarisation of all existing irrigation tube wells in the tribal districts have been included in ADP 2019-20.
Solarisation of public buildings can meet certain share from electricity load and has the potential to bring huge savings and new investment in the country.
The solarisation of different projects was also cleared by the meeting.
Combination of solarisation and Dazomet or Calcium cyanamide results in good control of root-knot nematodes.
While discussing the situation in Balochistan Senator Mir Kabeer Ahmed Muhammad Shahi was of the view that the only solution to the electricity problem in Balochistan was solarisation. He said that a total cost of PKR 67 billion was needed to solarise 32000 tube wells in all of Balochistan.
He said that the Bank will for sure be considering option of assisting in solarisation of tube wells in Balochistan.
He was responsible for the automation of many major lights, the refurbishment, maintenance and solarisation of lighthouses and the construction of several new lighthouses.
Total qui a crAaAaAeA@e nouvelle branche de gaz renouvelable en AlgAaAaAeA@rie a saisi cette occasi pour proposer la solarisation des installations de la Sonatrach.
The approval is linked with a comprehensive review of solarisation of the tube-wells to be undertaken on a priority basis in order to save electricity bills and the subsidy being provided by the federal and the provincial governments.
Diverse technologies like vertical farming, drip irrigation and soil solarisation need to be brought into the country so farmers can produce better yield while maximising profits.