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exposure to the rays of the sun


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Nathaniel Hayward discovered the Solarisation process whereby a rubber sheet, when rubbed with sulfur on its surface and exposed to the sun, did not go sticky, but gave a 'dry' skin.
Soil solarisation (SS) was introduced in 1976 with the aim of managing plant diseases [1].
These models allow the prediction of the duration of exposure at a given temperature to cause 100 % mortality, or, alternatively, the temperature required to cause 100 % mortality at a given exposure time (thermal death point), and are used to assist weed control via soil solarisation and steaming (Horowitz & Taylorson, 1983; Egley, 1990; Economou et al.
Cela pourtant que tu eefforgais de frayer, par photons evaporants, par solarisation de ta nudite precise.
The company would primarily address the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects under the JNNSM Scheme, apart from state level projects with distinct focus on roof top and solarisation of telecom towers, as well.
Soil solarisation, the use of landscaping fabrics and organic pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides are increasingly seen as the eco-friendly way to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and preserve an eco-friendly landscape, according to the statement.
Hard to love at the time, it hasn't aged well - especially the irritating solarisation effects - while it's difficult to ignore the whiff of pomposity that pervades the enterprise.
To maximise on conservation energy saver lamps, solarisation of water heating and irrigation pumping are some examples.
Avedissian's iconoclastic work, probing concepts of propaganda and consumerism takes as its starting point images from Egyptian media, which he develops in series from black and white photographs, transforming them by solarisation and colour stencil work in a process similar to printing, "very far removed from the 'drawing from nature' of the realistic schools of art".
Other methods for pest control include technologies such as solarisation (Table 11).
Man Ray was one of the twentieth century's most brilliant and prolific photographers testing both artistic and technical boundaries with his pioneering solarisation techniques.
This amount was to be spent on land for the religious minorities' graveyards and shamshan ghats (cremation grounds) along with the construction of boundary walls across the province, construction of worship places for minorities in the province, welfare package for minorities in the province and solarisation of mosques across the province.
The KP government spent $ 325 million on small power dams, solarisation, and a project of 300 megawatt electricity in Balakot; for Pehur High Level Canal in Swabi the government received $335m; $114m for energy; for roads across the province and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) $345m were taken from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
He told the gathering that solarisation of three thousand mosques in the province was underway.
The minister said that the government is working on solar power projects including solarisation of 8000 schools, 5600