solar thermal system

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a system that converts sunlight into heat

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Solar thermal systems may be a good match, assuming your water loads are consistent throughout the week and year.
Sizing the hot water storage tank(s) in a solar thermal system is very similar to sizing the battery bank in an off-grid solar electric system: too little storage, and your backup energy source has to run more often.
All cantons now offer subsidies for solar thermal systems.
The solar thermal system uses energy from the sun to drive the refrigeration process.
Professional installers can get your home up and running with a solar thermal system for less than $4,000 in most cases.
The major benefit of solar thermal systems is their ability to store collected solar energy until it is needed to generate power," sald J.
Involved and responsible for all project execution and implementation of the different types of renewable energy installations, covering all three fields of solar power energy, photovoltaics, solar thermal systems - everything to do with hot water supply - and wind energy systems, mainly wind turbines, Kappas' zeal for his field
A solar thermal system applies the sun's energy to water heating and offsets your energy consumption.
He splashed out pounds 4,300 on a solar thermal system a couple of months ago.
PG&E donated $200,000 to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) and a solar thermal system for Project Open Hand, part of its $7.
In order to achieve this goal investors receive a tax reduction of 50 % for each solar thermal system installed.
The solar thermal system generates 540 megawatt hours per year (MWh / year) and meets 60% of the total water heating energy demand of the resort with the remainder supplied by its gas boilers.
The average home pays between pounds 3,000 and pounds 5,000 for a solar thermal system, depending on the number of people living in the house and the hot water demand, and after that initial spend your hot water is free for most of the year.
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