solar thermal system

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a system that converts sunlight into heat

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Solar thermal systems may be a good match, assuming your water loads are consistent throughout the week and year.
Commercial applications for solar thermal systems include laundromats, car washes, military laundry facilities and eating establishments.
Sizing the hot water storage tank(s) in a solar thermal system is very similar to sizing the battery bank in an off-grid solar electric system: too little storage, and your backup energy source has to run more often.
FITs are set to be extended next month so that they will apply to solar thermal systems. That means Keith will not only be paid for generating electricity but for heating his hot water, too.
All cantons now offer subsidies for solar thermal systems.
The solar thermal system uses energy from the sun to drive the refrigeration process.
Sandia is not the only laboratory to experiment with molten salt as a working fluid in solar thermal systems. In the early 1980s, the French constructed a 3-megawatt project near the town of Themis, France, in the Pyrenees, that was the largest molten-salt solar thermal system in Europe, according to Tyner.
A15 kW solar system was installed on the roof, and 60% of the hot water demand is met through a solar thermal system. The project also includes fan-wall air handlers, heat wheels for energy recapture, and advanced meters for monitoring and analysis.
"The one thing we cover 100% is hot water generation, through our solar thermal system, comprising 16 collectors, feeding into a buffer tank of 3,000 litres, which will cover all the relevant needs of visitors to the park," Kappas adds.
On-site installer Ron Del Valle reports, “The RTD/SunMaxx solar thermal system survived one of the largest typhoons to hit the Philippines and the biggest to ever hit the resort!” As telephone communications and internet connections are being restored, SunMaxx Solar's thermal solar hot water system is fully operational and has 'no leaks' while the 'pressure remains stable'.”
With the completion of this project in March 2010, the solar thermal system operates as the primary system and the DX system is the backup for cooling the building on cloudy days.
And whatever, the capital cost, a solar thermal system will free the factory of the huge expenses it incurs on purchasing oil or gas to run its captive power plant.
ARMED WITH KNOWLEDGE - From left, ABC Services apprentice David Clark with South Tyneside Homes apprentices Steven Johnson and Carl Drew fitting a solar thermal system as part of their training
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