solar prominence

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large eruptions of luminous hydrogen gas that rise thousands of kilometers above the chromosphere

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The solar prominence - a magnetically charged cloud of heated gas, known as plasma - erupted above the surface of the sun and was observed by the SDO on Feb.
However, the assumption of a homogeneous magnetic field provides us a relatively simple mathematical model to study MHD waves in solar prominence. Several authors [6, 15, 16] used homogeneous magnetic field to study MHD waves in different regions of solar atmosphere.
According to, the solar storm happened late on Friday night, and another solar prominence sparked up just over four hours later.
Referred to as solar prominence, the giant eruptions apparently expanded beyond the camera view of NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) that captured high definition video of the solar eruption, reported.
The eruption, known as solar prominence, was so large that it expanded beyond the camera view of Solar Dynamics Observatory, ( reported .
Notice of an Observation of the Spectrum of a solar prominence (letter of October 20, 1868).
A solar prominence, too cool to emit X-rays, outlines a cavity in the corona (lower right arrow).
He kept it and a bright solar prominence in view for the next 2 1/2 minutes.
We've had at least one around the office for most of the last few months, and a couple of times a week somebody trots through the corridors urging everyone to come out and look at a particularly fine solar prominence. And the Sun was active indeed at that time.
See sunspots and solar prominences in remarkable detail.
Caption: ON THE CUTTING EDGE John Sanford (far left) and other participants in the 8th annual RTMC in 1976 viewed solar prominences through an H-alpha filter attached to an 8-inch Celestron scope.
Also a few reddish solar prominences (flame-like ejections, but today none so large or dramatic as a solar flare).
on'sun is at its most active this summer, and visitors will be able to see sun spots and solar prominences.