solar power

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energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy


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So all these units performing below capacity can be put to good use for solar power utilization without spending on developing infrastructure required for putting into the national grid he observed.
Rays Power Experts, a global solar power development and EPC company, has won the tender for implementation of 500 kW grid connected rooftop solar power projects in Rajasthan.
Solar modules (SM) in solar power plants are connected in two ways--in parallel and in series.
Consumers have only identified solar power with calculators and water heaters.
In Pakistan, JS Bank is the latest fifth in the list of businesses to embrace solar power for their energy needs.
Japan's solar power market is forecast to reach $19.8 billion (1.91 trillion yen) in 2013, surpassing Germany which has been the biggest market from 2009 to 2012, according to the report by IHS Inc.
But using solar power for commercial flights is a long way off.
This report's authors see a better alternative awaiting us in "space solar power": Earth-orbiting satellites and Moon-based robot stations that would gather the Sun's heat and light energy and beam it down to Earth.
The government has realised that climate change and surge in oil prices have lent urgency to reducing India's dependence on imported fossil fuels and is promoting solar power as a priority.
Commenting on the need of solar power generation in India and Lanco group's future plans for solar power, Mr.
Solar power comes in a variety of technologies, with reliable options for everything from powering a laptop to heating your shower to generating electricity on solar farms.
We can minimize demand for power from the national grid by installing solar power system, which is also environment friendly at household and firm levels, Dr Atiur said.
Tokyo, June 2, 2010 - (JCN) - Sojitz Corporation is participating in a solar independent power producer (IPP) project in Germany, the world's largest solar power market.
US-based Prime Sun Power (OTC:PSPW), or PSP, said on Thursday it had agreed to sell up to 6.639 million own shares to Bangkok Solar Power Co, or BSP, a Thai PV solar modules maker and contractor, for EUR7.73 (USD9.50) per share, or up to EUR40m total, under a strategic investment deal.