solar plexus

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a large plexus of sympathetic nerves in the abdomen behind the stomach

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He cornered me in the kitchen, punched me in the solar plexus and threatened to kill me," he said.
It creeps up on some people, blossoming unexpectedly from lifelong friendship; for others, it hits them like a sledgehammer to the solar plexus.
He was right to ban the Krillions from the solar plexus of Zeryillion, for they knew not of the power of Risndom
His resounding defeat was only one of Election Day's many hits to the solar plexus of the state Democratic Party.
While there are many views on sanctions, to date the history has been that they are largely an annoyance and a minor pain but not a blow to the solar plexus.
PREMIER BRAD WALL HAS BECOME emboldened since his government successfully landed a punch to the solar plexus of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and pulled the rug from under First Nations University by withdrawing funding to the institution.
The first woman, in her third trimester of pregnancy, had experienced pain in her solar plexus area following amniocentesis, which indicated that the fetus was female.
In illustrations of a backbend, the solar plexus arcs high off the ground, arms and legs strong, creating a perfectly level surface from navel to sternum, as if a cup of tea could balance on the belly without spilling.
Solar Plexus, LLC, of Missoula, Montana, protests the award of a contract to Oasis Montana, Inc.
I feel these women's struggles in my solar plexus, I feel their confusion and heartbreak as they try to fit in and make sense of it all.
Sad that the B-27 target put the heart-size zone down into the solar plexus instead of where the heart actually is, though.
For example, yellow foods stimulate the solar plexus chakra, since they would transmit the vibration of yellow to it.
But many people also find it hilarious to watch others getting hit in the solar plexus with a baseball bat on America's Funniest Home Videos.
Like a short, sharp blow to the solar plexus, Tamar Yarom's hourlong docu stuns with raw, unfiltered emotion as six Israeli women recount the horrors they saw and perpetrated during their obligatory military service in the Occupied Territories.
Apparently there is bed of nerves at the base of the solar plexus that is massaged by the diaphragm.