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a house designed to use solar radiation for heating

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PV in Buildings for Malaysia : Prototype Solar House
One of the prominent examples of energy self-sufficient house is the Self-Sufficient Solar House (SSSH) in Freiburg, Germany (Figure.
The solar house shows how existing technologies can be used for a large family home but we plan to offer solutions for all house sizes.
A sampling of topics: the impact of infrastructure investment to coordinated urban and rural development in China, passive solar house design strategy in the north-east of China, renewal transformation of existing urban buildings, the use of industrial wastes in Ceramsite for construction, an analysis of earth folk houses along Shandong Canal, soil moisture conserving irrigation under straw mulching, and intelligent lighting system research and design.
With Mars now in the area known as your 12th Solar House, deep seated angers are stirred.
The Solar House is completely energy self-sufficient, gaining energy from the sun through photovoltaic cells and solar thermal panels on the roof.
Maximal potential use of solar energy is demonstrated by a number of unconventional projects, such as the pilot project "Rotating solar house Heliotrope" in Freiburg.
The first article by Candanedo and Athienitis presents a new predictive control methodology for a solar house with radiant floor heating (direct solar gains) and a solar source heat pump (building-integrated photovoltaic/thermal system).
The publicly available data is collected from renewable energy technologies at the North Carolina Solar House located on the campus of North Carolina State University (NCSU), averaged over 15 minutes, and uploaded to the Internet where daily, monthly, and yearly information can be viewed graphically or downloaded in a spreadsheet form.
TAURUS 4/20-5/20 OCTOBER Cupid's hovering close by in your Solar House, givin' you a sprinkle of luck to bewitch your current cutie.
com Tour a passive solar house that produces all its own heat and power.
Relying on teamwork, creativity, and ingenuity, USMMA midshipmen and NYIT students created a solar house in a class of its own--the only solar house designed and built to utilize a hydrogen-based energy storage system.
A ZENA SAYS: How about this solar house number sign?
We moved out to a farm, set up solar PV system in 1995 and lived in an excellent passive solar house," he says.