solar heater

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a heater that makes direct use of solar energy

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Police in Paphos arrested a 33-year-old man on suspicion of stealing solar heaters and copper pipes from an uninhabited apartment building in Yeroskipou.
The results are promising that the carbon nanotube sheets will provide additional spectral absorption improving the performance of the solar heater.
although there are a few sellers of evacuated tube solar heaters on eBay, and a scattering here and there around the country.
If the tank is too hot, the water is sent to a cooling unit and if it's too cold, then the water is sent through pipes to a solar heater on the roof," said Mr Ibrahim.
The solar heater can prevent environmental pollution caused by the use of traditional sources of energy.
On a good day the solar heater can easily provide temperatures of 60 degrees, but if it is slightly less you can just top it up with the boiler.
The unique Solar Air Heater shutters passive solar heater is capable of reducing heating bills by as much as 45% per room.
I used to sell plans for this solar heater years ago, and advertised it in COUNTRYSIDE for a while.
The materials needed to make an aluminum can solar heater range from $50 to about $200, the most expensive item being a double-paned window (or Plexiglass).
The main objective of the workshop is to make aware of what is solar heater system and advantage and disadvantage of it and how they can use it and get benefit from it," said Waikhol Chandra, Officer, MANIREDA
It might mean waiting all day for a shower (until the solar heater has time to do its work) or putting up with an occasional smell from the composting toilets.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance Of Conference System, Intercom System, Ro System, Solar Heater System, Gyser And Recharge Of Airtel Tv Connection At Cpwd Training Institute Ghaziabad.
The Ministry of Housing will establish all the bases for the project,and every unit will have a solar heater to save electricity, as well as digital electricity and water metres that operate on prepaid cards.
After much thought, I came up with an open end "Bazooka" solar heater made of a scrap 4.