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the rate at which radiant solar energy is received at the outer layer of the earth's atmosphere

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The solar constant values, specific of each one of the OLI-Landsat 8 bands, used in the albedo calculation, showed great differentiation between the studied days.
1982]) and led to the adoption of the value of 1367 W/m for the solar constant by the World Radiation Center.
Daily extraterrestrial radiation on a horizontal surface H0 can be calculated as a function of the solar constant ([I.
The direct radiation is empirical established depending on the extraterrestrial radiation, the medium solar constant, the day number during a year, the distortion factor, the solar altitude angle, the solar declination, the latitude angle, the solar hour angle, and the local solar time.
But some things are forever impractical due to physical constraints--like the solar constant and the energy required to separate water into its components.
However, although the massive heat sink of the stellar furnace itself seems to show an unchanging thermal inertia, the solar constant says nothing about the wide spectrum of possible magnetic changes, which would reflect internal nuclear processes.
The total number of solar flares, the intensity of solar radiation, the solar wind and solar constant are all influenced by the 11-year cycle.
Langley used an infrared bolometer to measure the solar constant in the 1880s.
But the sunspot deficiency could have been symptomatic of some change in the sun's total brightness -- the so-called solar constant.