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a cell that converts solar energy into electrical energy

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The company has disclosed that extra capacity for black-silicon polycrystalline solar cells will become operational in Q3, 2016, while the P-type PERC polycrystalline solar cells and N-type double-side monocrystalline solar cell will have access to the new capacity from late Q4, 2016, and the additional capacity for HIT cell will come into operation in the next year.
Unlike the transparent dye-sensitized cells, the perovskite solar cell is opaque.
As a result, n-type silicon solar cells are considered as promising alternatives to p-type solar cells for next-generation highly efficient solar cells.
Similarly, a "major technical breakthrough" occurred in May with solid state dye solar cell (DSC) technology, which "catapulted to 11.
The findings by the team led by John Badding, a professor of chemistry at Penn State University build on earlier work addressing the challenge of merging optical fibers with electronic chips-silicon-based integrated circuits that serve as the building blocks for most semiconductor electronic devices such as solar cells, computers, and cell phones.
With the current annualised net meter scheme, solar cell owners can sell excess power to utility companies, and buy back power without fees, when the cells do not supply enough electricity to cover their needs.
The first part of the book reviews new trends in solar cells and discusses the physical limitations of photovoltaic conversion.
Since 2000, Sharp has been pursuing research and development of a triple-junction compound solar cell that achieves high conversion efficiency by stacking three photoabsorption layers.
The new generation solar cell has been developed by the company's research and development team and uses a proprietary new technology named 'Maple' that allows improved power production from multi-crystalline solar cells.
The factory is scheduled to be operational in 2011 to serve as AUO's major manufacturing base of solar cell materials.
The physics of a simple solar cell is very similar to that of an ordinary signal diode operated in the reverse bias condition.
a privately-held firm selling a platform of silicon ink-based high efficiency solar cell materials and technology, announced that the company has achieved a new record of 19 percent conversion efficiency with silicon ink processed solar cells.
Osaka, Oct 22, 2009 - (ACN Newswire) - Sharp Corporation has achieved the world's highest solar cell conversion efficiency(1) of 35.
The Osaka-based electronics maker will also increase production of solar cells at an existing plant in Unnan, Shimane Prefecture, under a plan to boost its total annual solar cell production capacity from the current 340 megawatts to 600 megawatts in fiscal 2010 ending March 2011, they said.