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electrical device consisting of a large array of connected solar cells

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In the past the high rate of solar batteries has served as a barrier to increase solar power generation in the country.
The government of Punjab has also approached the Alternative Energy Development Board, seeking lower duties on the import of solar batteries or reduction in prices of locally manufactured batteries to pave the way for solar energy production.
During the conference, the entrepreneurs stressed that presently, it is ineffective to use solar batteries and other sources of alternative energy in Azerbaijan because of the lack of domestic production of appropriate equipment.
The Armenian-Swiss joint stock company for the solar batteries production
Solar batteries allow homes and businesses to store solar power to use in the hours of darkness and can also help to create 'smart grids' that react to sudden power swings and free stored energy when needed.
It is believed to be the largest-ever deal for solar batteries landed by a single Japanese manufacturer.
We hope to raise the efficiency of power generation of thin film solar modules and develop a new generation of high efficiency solar batteries.
Summary: Atlantis astronauts have conducted their final spacewalk to install new solar batteries for the International Space Station.
Demand for solar batteries is likely to increase amid mounting global efforts to curb global warming.
They will still steer the new bikes but the solar batteries will take the strain.
Sanyo is involved in the Next-Generation Solar Battery program and seeks to offer global solution through its upgraded HIT solar batteries.
Powered by solar batteries, they will also move out of the Earth-sun line.
is set to enter the market for solar batteries designed for use in households, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported Sunday.
However, demand for environmentally friendly products such as hybrid cars, solar batteries and wind power is expanding steadily with the "green" movement and technological progress.
Organizers of the 2005 World Exposition to be held March 25 through September 25, 2005 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, recently announced plans to experiment with a new power generation system utilizing both fuel cells powered by food waste and wood chips and solar batteries.