solar array

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electrical device consisting of a large array of connected solar cells

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The solar array will be situated on approximately 300 acres and will consist of about 150,000 solar panels.
The solar array is being designed now and construction is scheduled to commence in November, with installation planned for June 2018.
The new 28 Torrice Drive solar array is net metered and interconnected to the grid, generating renewable power.
The other meter is for the solar array to determine how much electricity the solar array produces.
We have been operating solar arrays in Massachusetts now for approximately two years with municipal off-takers like the town of Leicester,'' said Cliff Chapman, managing partner for Syncarpha Capital.
overlooking the solar array on the Delme Thomas Centre with Dragon Energy Solutions directors Jason Oakley, left, and James Davies
NRG will own the solar arrays while Starwood will be the enabling partner through a multi-year agreement to purchase electricity from the solar arrays installed at several locations.
After the term of the agreement ends, the parish could acquire the solar array for the remaining of its life, which is over 25 years.
The center has previously received LEED Platinum certification from the USGBC and has the largest end-user owned solar array in the U.
In November, eight members of the Batchewana First Nation graduated as certified solar array installers for Solar Logix, and the intent is to hire those graduates to install solar arrays both on the reserve and in the greater Algoma community, said Gerry Bugyra, Solar Logix SSM's general manager.
5 Megawatt (MW) ground-based solar array in Hamilton, NJ.
Weight: 5,250 lbs, Power: Solar array generates 1,485 watts.
Cloudcroft's reverse osmosis water treatment plant is being powered by a new photovoltaic solar array.
NASA astronauts Dave Wolf and Chris Cassidy are replacing four of six old solar array batteries on the International Space Station on Wednesday, in a maintenance call that will last more than six hours.
ENERGY RESOURCE-23 March 2009-SolarCity Unveils New Solar Array at Affordable Housing Community in South Los Angeles(C)2009 JeraOne - http://www.
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