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electrical device consisting of a large array of connected solar cells

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Lopez-led EDC has one project eligible under solar FIT 1 (Burgos Solar Power Project Phase 1 with 4.
Getting better at predicting how the sun will behave has become far more than a goal of academic solar physicists.
That demand for alternative forms of energy is why solar purveyors are beginning to focus their attention southward.
If a solar storm causes physical damage or loss to property, such as a transformer or high-voltage switch-gear, property insurance will cover those losses.
Glass-laminated solar shingles, he says, can last twice as long as traditional roofing, and call be installed by local contractors.
They trigger solar flares, thunderous explosions that hurl massive amounts of energy into space.
The team from SCU is one of only 20 schools in the world (and the only school farther west than Colorado) participating in the Solar Decathlon, a competition where teams are judged on their ability to design, build, and operate the most attractive and energy-efficient, solar-powered home.
Recent data from the spacecraft may be revealing previously unknown and complex features of the outer solar system, says Len A.
based Union of Concerned Scientists, points out that federal funds for solar research and development are necessary if solar energy is to become economically attractive to those who could just as easily hook up to the conventional grid.
Karam strums up solar energy's main advantages: no pollution, and no end in sight to the power source--the sun, which astronomers expect to shine for another 5 billion years.
We're very enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with ErSol given their rapid growth and prominence in the German PV industry", stated Dave Shannahan, president of SV Solar.
It's tough to discern the subtle climatic effects of solar variation amidst a cacophony of strong earthly influences--greenhouse gases, volcanoes, sulfate aerosols, to name a few.
The cloud also temporarily knocked out the sun sensor on a satellite that measures the solar wind, the breeze of charged particles that blows out from the sun.
SunEdison LLC is a single-source solar provider; from feasibility analysis, sales and financing through installation and maintenance.