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Interspecific incompatibility due to stylar barriers in tuber-bearing and closely related non-tuber-bearing Solanums.
Assignment of Endosperm Balance Numbers to the tuber-bearing Solanums and their close non-tuber-bearing relatives.
Open field host specificity tests in Brazil for risk assessment of Metriona elatior (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), a potential biological control agent of Solanum viarum (Solanaceae) in Florida.
A plant virus as a bioherbicide for tropical soda apple, Solanum viarum.
Con el objetivo de mostrar las tecnicas de mapeo genetico y QTL, asi como el potencial de una de las especies silvestres de Solanum, se investigo las bases moleculares de la resistencia al frio en 2 especies silvestres.
Palabras clave: QTL, Solanum, resistencia al frio, aclimatacion, mapeo genetico.
Winter cherry and Jerusalem cherry, Solanum capsicastrum and pseudocapsicum respectively, are similar in leaf and flower to the capsicums, then cover themselves with cheerful orange or scarlet berries for winter.
This avoids the dryness that can cause solanum fruits to drop and encourage attack by red spider mites.
For profuse bloom over a long season withlittle effort, try one of the Solanum varieties shown here.
This circum-Amazonian richness was also seen in the weedy solanums (Whalen, 1983), with centers of diversity in southeastern Brazil and along the Andes.
Even though Solanum melongena and Pandanus amaryllifolius are widespread in several countries and their biochemical compounds are known, the influence of drying and extraction methods on yield and chemical composition of these herbal plants is yet to be investigated.
En las plantas (Reino Plantae), el genero Solanum es uno de los mas diversos de la familia Solanaceae, con aproximadamente 1.
Andromonoecia, Leptostemonum, numero de semillas, placentacion, Solanum, Sudamerica.
Quantitative trait loci associated with late blight resistance have been mapped to different positions of the genome in wild Solanum species and in hybrids among wild species.
Solanum x rechei is narrowly restricted to the overlap zone of S.