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This species is phytophagous and feeds on Symphytum tuberosum (CIBC, 1982), cucurbitaceous vegetables as well as solanaceous plants and many other vegetables.
A true Solanaceous oddity is the Litchi Tomato (Solanum sisymbriifolium), which is a spectacularly armed thorny plant, which would ward off most predators, including humans.
Potato psyllid has an extremely large host range, including many solanaceous weeds such as black nightshade that occur near crop fields in California (Butler and Trumble 2012a).
1] fresh weight) were generally lower than those of pectin in this study, although they were not negligible compared with the fiber contents of other edible solanaceous crops of Brazil, such as tomatoes at 1.
Eggplant is one of the important solanaceous crops that are widely grown in tropics and subtropics.
Agro-techniques of solanaceous vegetables in Advances in Horticulture' Vol.
Polymorphic simple sequence repeat markers in chloroplast genomes of Solanaceous plants.
Rice, our most important crop, and legumes such as mungbean, peanut, sitao, and solanaceous crops like tomato, eggplant and pepper are naturally self-pollinated.
The solanaceous group of vegetables (tomato, eggplant, chili and bell peppers) generally takes up large amounts of nutrients.
The signals are chemicals--called "egg-hatching factors"--secreted from the roots of potato and some other solanaceous plants into the soil.
is a solanaceous plant that has long vegetative and reproductive stages, and its fruit yield is greater with the use of slow-release fertilisers than synthetic fertilisers (Gezerel and Donmez 1988).
speciosa feeds preferentially on solanaceous plants.