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Synonyms for solfege

singing using solfa syllables to denote the notes of the scale of C major

a voice exercise


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Curwen saw his sol-fa notation system as doing for music reading something similar to what the modern phonetic alphabet does for reading.
First students would read from the sol-fa notation, secondly they would read the normal staff notation in conjunction with sol-fa notation, and finally graduate to reading from staff notation alone.
To publicise his method, Curwen published his own writings in the Tonic Sol-fa Reporter and Magazine of Vocal Music for the People, published a number of textbooks and songbooks and with his son in London created both the Tonic Sol-fa College (with certificates and diplomas) and J.
5m children in Britain were receiving instruction in tonic sol-fa in elementary schools.
The is by But now it was Mr Hayes' tonic sol-fa, and somehow Arthur's singing voice transformed the whirr of the sewing machine into an accompanying musical instrument.
Daeth Tonic Sol-fa yn ffasiynol ac roedd cyfle i lu o bobl ei ddysgu cyn ymuno (to join) gyda chr i fynd i gystadlu mewn eisteddfod.