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a temporary resident

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O, my dear brethren and fellow- sojourners in Vanity Fair, which among you does not know and suffer under such benevolent despots?
As she had done in an earlier essay in the Journal of African American History, "'From Motives of Delicacy': Sexuality and Morality in the Narratives of Sojourner Truth and Harriet Jacobs," Washington reads between the lines of the same passages on self-censorship in the Narrative and comes to a quite different conclusion:
We read here two laws concerning how we treat the ger, who is defined as a stranger, a sojourner, resident alien, or a convert.
The debut novel of wife and mother Angeline Bandon-Bibum, Sojourner's Dream is an African-American romance between Sojourner Brown, a shy graduate student, and Joseph Kalisa, a cultured corporate lawyer who works for an established law firm in Washington, D.C.
Some of the women whose autobiographical writings are included here are well known: Mary Jemison, Fanny Kemble, Sojourner Truth and Margaret Fuller have caught our attention before.
Paradoxically, it is this visitor, or sojourner, among us whose legacy will be remembered through the newly endowed Harold S.
Moving from the sophisticated to the streetwise, the pieces in this collection travel comfortably from the historical comeback of former slave Sojourner Truth, to the dubious wit and wisdom of Mike Tyson.
Before Rosa Parks, before abolition and before universal suffrage, there was Sojourner Truth.
Margaret Ancira, founder and chief executive officer of Physician's Choice, created the annual scholarship fund for graduate residents of the Sojourner Center, AZ, who wish to seek a career in healthcare.
The images sent back from Mars via the Sojourner rover granted Earthlings a thrilling first view of the Red Planet's terrain.
In Sojourner: Finding Faith Beyond Hope, Kawuki Mukasa creates a fascinating story reflecting realities he has known around death and dying involving close and estranged family members and friends of the one who is dying.
And the rest of the world fell in love, crowding around TV screens and jamming Web pages in record numbers to ogle the planet's never before seen contours as recorded by the vessel's little roving camera, Sojourner.
At the same rime, Chen critiques the sojourner thesis that suggests that Chinese immigrants viewed the United States only as a temporary home.
A year later, as part of the Sojourner Truth Celebration, March 1-8, 2001, Akron, OH, which won Best Community Event awarded by Northern Ohio Live magazine, a follow up event responded to audience feedback from the first.
To make matters even simpler, Sojourner Farms sells pet food mix consisting of human-quality grains, herbs, ground nuts and sea vegetables.