soil pipe

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drain that conveys liquid waste from toilets, etc

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Since then, there appears to be a breakdown in communication that the soil pipe was actually still leaking.
To improve our ability to rehabilitate stream channels, tools are needed for stability analyses that are capable of considering site-specific bank failure processes such as seepage and soil pipes.
10 SNAP THE CAST IRON SOIL STACK with a rental soil pipe cutter and remove a section for the new fitting.
A wet room is a great house space saver Moving a bathroom isn't the easier or cheapest job and it will depend (unless you choose a macerating loo) on the position of the soil pipe, but a good plumber can do it in a few days.
Mechanical contractors can now quickly cut soil pipe in hard-to-reach spaces such as those below grade using RIDGID's new 238-P Powered Soil Pipe Cutter.
After hearing a bang, Janis rushed out of the house to find the remains of the soil pipe scattered around the garden.
It seems the fire started outside and spread inside along the soil pipe into the offices, where there was plenty of combustible material.
Revstone said in its statement that Tisamatic produces more than 60,000 metric tons of vertical molding and soil pipe out of its 133,000-sq.
The problem is with the soil pipe, which is getting blocked.
With his tousled golden locks and air of manly competence, what Mike doesn't know is that while he's upstairs toiling with the soil pipe, I shall be down here exploring his fictional possibilities as the love interest in my latest novel.
Four grades for gaskets for soil pipe and fittings include three based on chloroprene at 67, 68 and 69 durometer, respectively, and one 68 durometer grade based on EPDM.
Q I'VE joined my local water supply company's protection plan and it saved me a lot of grief after a soil pipe cracked.
Developers MetroLoft Ltd are offering buyers a bare shell, equipped only with basic amenities of gas, electricity, water, soil pipe, Cable TV, phone and Internet lines and video phone entry.