soil pipe

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drain that conveys liquid waste from toilets, etc

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To improve our ability to rehabilitate stream channels, tools are needed for stability analyses that are capable of considering site-specific bank failure processes such as seepage and soil pipes.
It seems the fire started outside and spread inside along the soil pipe into the offices, where there was plenty of combustible material.
Revstone said in its statement that Tisamatic produces more than 60,000 metric tons of vertical molding and soil pipe out of its 133,000-sq.
Founded in 1980, Tisamatic has steadily increased its annual volumes, now producing more than 60,000 metric tons of both vertical molding and soil pipe.
The problem is with the soil pipe, which is getting blocked.
With his tousled golden locks and air of manly competence, what Mike doesn't know is that while he's upstairs toiling with the soil pipe, I shall be down here exploring his fictional possibilities as the love interest in my latest novel.
Swimming up the soil pipe and climbing out of the lavatory pan is a favourite way for rats to gain access into homes," said co-inventor Mark Jones from Birmingham.
Information is provided on rubber grades 14NC6502, 14NC5501 and 14NC7003, black chloroprenes used in gaskets for cast iron soil pipe and fittings; 14NC7003, a black chloroprene used in gaskets for cast iron soil pipe and fittings; 13NC7003, a black EPDM used in gaskets for cast iron soil pipe and fittings; 13AC7501, a tan EPDM used in automotive ignition wire insulation; 13AC7504, a gray EPDM used in automotive ignition wire jackets; 12NU4701, a green nitrile used in vibration pads; and 12NU6001, a black SBR used as a general purpose masterbatch.
Q I'VE joined my local water supply company's protection plan and it saved me a lot of grief after a soil pipe cracked.
The Michigan Construction Code Commission today unanimously approved the August 22, 2007 recommendation of the Michigan Plumbing Board to deny approval of imported cast iron soil pipe and fittings from MWI Import Products for use on state construction projects in the State of Michigan.
One had a four-foot length of plastic soil pipe more commonly seen at a builders merchants for 'firming up his leg action'.
The RIDGID Press Snap soil pipe cutter provides a fast and easy way to cut cast iron soil pipe.
The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) last month passed revisions to the standards for the manufacture of cast iron soil pipe and fittings that will require third party certifiers to meet certain criteria when performing inspections.
The WC suite will have to be connected to the main soil pipe and a water supply.